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EPISODE 4 of the Women in Sales Podcast: Annie Matthews, VP of Sales at TechTarget

Posted by Ali Powell on Jul 19, 2017 10:44:15 AM

We have 4 episodes on the Women in Sales Podcast on iTunes available for you to listen to. I highly encourage you to listen to these amazing women who work in sales roles on your way into work in the car or on the subway or your walk home after work.


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Tovah Barry, Sales Manager at Just Eat Tells her Story as a Woman Moving up in Sales

Posted by Ali Powell on Jul 13, 2017 10:55:31 AM

1st off Tovah Barry is adorable and super personable. I loved doing our chat. She is super nice and seems very smart. I am excited for you all to listen to her podcast.


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Shikha Bindra, AE of Vidyard talks about her Sales Career moving from SDR to BDR to AE

Posted by Ali Powell on Jul 6, 2017 5:02:19 PM

We hope that you enjoyed the first Women in Sales podcast episode with Monica Stewart.


Today we spoke with Shika Bindra, an Account Executive of Vidyard on her career so far in sales. She joined Vidyard after graduating from University at 21 and started as an SDR, moved up to a BDR on a newly formed team and is now an Account Executive there.


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Monica Stewart, Director of Sales from RedIQ tells Her Sales Story on the Women in Sales Podcast

Posted by Ali Powell on Jun 29, 2017 10:20:56 AM

Ladies, ladies, ladies...I am so happy and excited to introduce you to the 1st women in sales podcast episode with this wonderful, insightful, smart woman: Monica Stewart.


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Intro Episode to the Women in Sales Podcast

Posted by Ali Powell on Jun 20, 2017 1:34:28 PM

I am starting to book up my schedule for interviewing women in sales roles for the women in sales podcast.



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Announcing The Women in Sales Podcast and Video Interviews

Posted by Ali Powell on Jun 19, 2017 3:55:29 PM

Women in sales we NEED to hear from you!  We want to tell your story of why you do what you do and what you have learned being a woman working in sales. 


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A Sales Rep's Dream: Automating Prospecting Research?

Posted by Ali Powell on Feb 16, 2017 1:18:48 PM

There are many ways for sales reps and account managers to track their prospects and customers but most of those ways are manual, take time, take multiple tools, etc.

Some of the more traditional ways include things like:

  • Google Alerts
  • LinkedIn Follows
  • Twitter follows

Some of the new age ways of following your prospects and customers include:

  • Using tools or software like Datafox, Mattermark, Crunchbase paid, etc.
  • Using growth scores or growth indicators to know which companies in your patch or territory you should be focusing on.

Questions for sales reps out there reading this:

  1. How much time do you spend per day on each account you are working on or prospecting into doing research on the account and target people in the account?
  2. How do you do this kind of tracking? What tools do you use? Do you actually do it? Would you want to do it if you could?
  3. Even with using all of these different paid tools or software that help you track growth and triggers on your accounts do you still find the process to be too manual to do it well?

I would bet that the traditional, main stream sales reps out there don't do many of these things because it is too hard, and takes too much time.

I would also bet that even the innovative and tech savvy reps don't want to do these things because it takes too much time and is too manual for them to bother with it. So they just don't do it or do it very minimally.

The holy grail for me when deciding if I want to target an account is:

1. Good researched reasons that mean what I sell could be helpful to the target account


2. Those reasons are timely to us helping the prospect.

If I have both of those things I usually feel like this:

You could do all the research in the world and have all the best reasons to prospect an account but staying on top of those triggers and updating the reasons on all accounts in your name is nearly impossible.

The problem is this:

You have x amount of accounts in your name as a sales rep.

You also have x amount of leads in your name too.

You could also have leads and accounts in your territory that are in OPEN or RECYCLED because you aren't actively working those at the moment.

There are also companies or potential companies you could be tracking or helping but you don't know about them yet because they are not in your database or CRM yet.

But, since you are 1 person and only have so much time in the day to actually sell and do your job you can't watch even 1/2 or a 1/4 of your total accounts.

This is where technology and software should come in to help automate this for sales reps.

I would love, love, love <3 my life if every morning I came into work or sat down at my computer and there was a list of my accounts in my name, in my territory with updates on what I would consider triggers for what I sell listed out.

Then I could prioritize my day on my accounts based on those researched reasons, timeliness of the trigger plus inbound lead intelligence.

Wow, life would be lovely. I would focus on just selling and just the fun part of prospecting. Not spending time on the manual process of research on my accounts.

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What is the Future of Sales Prospecting?

Posted by Ali Powell on Nov 23, 2016 10:44:49 AM

Over the past 6 years I have mastered what I believe to be fairly good, fairly helpful, fairly researched prospecting.

The art of great prospecting across different industries and across different kinds of sales reps differs. Though, there is 1 thing that remains the consistent: the way we as sales reps prospect today (from industry to industry) remains similar.


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How to Use a Tiered Account Model for Account Based Sales Prospecting

Posted by Ali Powell on Oct 28, 2016 9:57:55 AM

Account based prospecting is probably something a lot of sales reps are already doing. There are certain tricks that will help your team (SDR, BDR, Account Manager, Account Executive, etc) to work the right accounts at the right time in the right ways. There are lots of ways to think about tiering your accounts. Here is how I do it and how I use tools to manage my tiered accounts.


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Account Based Sales is the Hot Term Right Now: What Your Sales Reps Need to Know

Posted by Ali Powell on Sep 29, 2016 9:53:53 AM

Account based marketing.

Account based sales. 

Account based sales development.

Account based prospecting. 

Account based this. Account based that.

Account based WHAT?

Topics: account based marketing, target account selling, target account prospecting, account based sales, account based selling

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