Account based...Sales.

What does it really mean though? 

Most sales reps have been doing account based sales and account based targetting for a long time.

The term account based sales and account based marketing have just recently decided to become hot terms. The strategies for converting high quality leads into accounts to work as a sales rep is what most great sales reps have always been doing. 


Account based sales process

What is account based sales? 

Account based sales is generally the process of targeting high quality accounts where the sales rep has found good reasons and high timeliness for that account to likely be a fit for what you sell. 

The sales rep will strategically TARGET these accounts because they have researched the accounts and found reasons to believe that your company could help the account based on what you have learned about the target account.  

The dynamic duo in account based sales is when you have both researched reasons to believe your company can help the prospect as well as have those reasons be timely. 

1. Researched reasons and triggers that make what you sell likely  helpful or something the target account would want to learn about and see value in. 

2. The reasons need to be timely for that target account to potentially need what you sell now or in the near term future.