Women in sales we NEED to hear from you!  

We want to tell your story of why you do what you do and what you have learned being a woman working in sales. 

Our little blog and Slack channel for women in sales is growing, growing, growing! We now want to showcase all you lovely, smart women doing what you do best - SALES! 

Please sign up for an interview with me (really just an off the cuff chat on what you do as a woman in sales) via the form below. We will then schedule 1-2 interviews a week. They will be a 1/2 hour long and take place at night time during the weekdays or afternoons on the weekends via a Google Hangout. We will then broadcast the video via the Women in Sales blog and via iTunes Podcasts. 

So why should you do this? Why should you care? 

1. Because you are a woman who does sales. You must care about what you do. You must want to learn from other women who are in sales too. 

2. To expose women who are not in sales to the world of sales we need to tell our stories. This platform of interviews and podcasts will encourage more women to hopefully join the world of sales by learning about our jobs as women in sales. 

Let's tell our stories as women in sales to the world ladies!