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Beginners Guide to Target Account Sales: How to Use Twitter Lists for Trigger Events

Posted by Aug 18, 2016 10:16:17 AM Ali Powell

Knowing what to say when you call a prospect is half the battle in prospecting. You don't want to call someone, have them answer and then be like...


There are many ways to stay on top of trigger events or growth indicators for the industries and spaces that you sell into. There is one that most sales reps don't think of. 


An easy place to find those kinds of triggers on your target accounts is Twitter.

By creating a private Twitter list and adding your target accounts Twitter handles to the list each time you decide to name or target an account can be very helpful in gaining more knowledge and insight into the account.  This knowledge and insight will be timely and you can use that in your prospecting to set yourself apart from the unhelpful sales reps calling them. 

Here is a quick guide on how sales reps can start using Twitter for target account selling. 

  1. Go to Twitter and click on Lists. On the right hand side there will be a button that says Create New List.

2. Name your list target accounts or territory accounts. Make sure you make the list private by checking off the private check box in the privacy area when creating the list.

3. Now you can start to add company Twitter accounts to your private target list.

Each time you decide to name an account or target an account you should search the company Twitter handle and add that company Twitter handle to the list.

Here is an example of my Twitter lists in my Twitter. See the one labeled Silicon Valley Leads with a lock next to it. This is where I add my accounts that I am targeting.

4. If you use HubSpot social monitoring tools you can then go into your HubSpot social monitoring tools and create a stream for that Twitter list.

Here is an example of what my stream in my HubSpot looks like for my target accounts that I follow in my private Twitter list.

5. Everyday you can go in to your stream and read through what the companies in your target accounts are sharing on Twitter.

They will share news, articles they write, white papers, conferences they are attending, company updates, new hires, etc.

These updates that you read on Twitter will help you to learn more about your accounts. You will then have more relevant things to bring up as you prospect them and work the account. You will be smarter at your prospecting and more timely in what you bring up to the prospect.

Go get em!

Today is your day to know why you are calling a prospect and impress them for knowing something relevant and timely about them.

Be a great sales rep by knowing relevant and timely things about the company that you are targeting.

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