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From the Eyes of the Prospect: How to Leave an Annoying Voicemail as a Sales Rep that Will Not Get You a Call Back

Posted by Mar 18, 2014 5:52:53 PM Ali Powell

I have people internally at HubSpot send me their voicemails that they receive from sales people (like myself) because it helps me to know what the heck NOT to do when I annoy people with voicemails. I have learned a lot from this and would suggest that you ask Directors, VPs, your CEO, etc to have them forward you any and all inbound vmails or emails they receive cold or via marketing automation so you can listen to them or read them to know what you should NOT do as a sales rep. how_to_be_a_more_human_sales_rep_with_voicemails

If you want to get a call back from your voicemail/email combination as a sales rep then you need to think about these things. 

  • Don't call people just to call people.
  • Know what the heck you are going to say before you call and why you are calling so you can say it in a succinct manner that matters to that person.
  • Don't call people about something they don't care about. You won't get a call back.
  • Call people about something you think you can help with but don't be so confident in your vmail that you know that this is timely or relevant to them. 
  • Just because you did research (which most sales people do not, whole other post in itself) don't assume that what your research was means that this is relevant to them. ASK THEM IF IT IS, explain why you are calling and what you think you can help with, why this might be timely and see if they want to talk to you.
  • DON'T, DON'T, DON'T leave a vmail saying I am calling to schedule a time with you to talk about x, y, z - why would you say that? What if they don't want to talk with you about that. Once again, don't assume things that this person hearing your vmail needs or wants. 
  • Don't call someone a million, trillion times and say the same thing. Maybe they aren't calling you back for a reason. 
  • Use your real voice. No one wants to hear a fake voice where you are not being real or human. 
how_to_be_a_smarter_sales_rep-1I asked a couple of execs that I know what they would want from a cold caller and they gave me some tips that might help other sales reps in leaving voicemails or calling someone they don't know. 
  • Don't call the front desk. Find out their extension and call them directly.
  • Don't leave a vmail demanding that they call you back. Why should they call you back in the first place?
  • Don't leave a voicemail for your prospect where you can't even hear the vmail and it fades out half way through. 
  • Talk clearly and confidently. 
  • Don't read their name off a screen and a script. Talk like a real human being and have something intelligent to say that might help them. 

All in all I think one thing rings true here. I write about the concept of being a human sales person. Being more human in general is something that can help you in lots of jobs. No one wants to talk to someone who sounds like a robot or isn't actually thinking about something. If you sound like you are just dialing numbers for no reason then you likely won't get the response that you want. 



Think before your dial folks. 



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