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How to Shake the "Scaries" When Prospecting

Posted by Apr 20, 2016 10:19:17 AM Ali Powell

We all know the feeling.

If you are in sales you are bound to feel a little scared sometimes to reach out, make that call, send that email, etc. Even after making cold calls and prospecting for 10 years I still get scared sometimes.


The only time I get the “prospecting scaries” is when I don’t know why I am calling someone.

If you have a reason to reach out to a prospect then you shouldn’t feel nervous or scared. You should feel confident and excited because you have a reason or reasons that you think you might be able to help them. If you are in sales because you like to help people with what you sell then this should be your go to way of prospecting. If you know why you think you can help them then the reach out and prospecting part should not feel scary.


Help yourself feel more confident in prospecting by asking yourself 2 simple questions every time you are deciding to work a domain (company).

  1. Why are you working this domain (company)?
  2. Why do you think you can help and how?

The 2 questions can help you feel more confident and help you shake those scaries away. If you don’t know the answer to these 2 questions when you start to pick up the phone then hang up and try to figure out the answers to those 2 questions.

The worst thing is when you start to dial the phone number, you start to read through the lead record or account record and you have no notes, no research done, you start to get nervous and you think to yourself…

“Why am I calling this person? What the heck am I going to say if they pick up?”

Stop. Put the phone down.


Arm yourself in your prospecting by knowing why you are prospecting a domain and knowing why you think you can help. Those 2 simple questions will help you to shake those scaries away when prospecting.

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