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How to Use Teamlink Connections & LinkedIn Inmail for Sales Prospecting

Posted by Apr 17, 2015 11:42:00 AM Ali Powell

In LinkedIn Sales Navigator you have access to 2 very useful tools to help you with your daily prospecting. 


learn how to use linkedin navigator and inmail for sales prospecting Here is what you need to know to start using TeamLink Connections and LinkedIn Inmail on your sales team to improve your prospecting results. 

1. Ask for introductions through TeamLink Connections. 

2. Send an inmail without having to know the email address. 

Best practices for what to say in inmails and when using teamlink connections as ways to improve your prospecting return: 

  • Personal things that you have in common from the research that you did.
  • Find something that you can relate to with the company or person that you are reaching out to.
  • Do you have something in common with someone that you are reaching out to? Build off of that commonality similar to the way you would when you start talking to someone in person.
  • Make the messaging short and concise. No one wants to read a long, drawn out message that is all about you and your company.  
  • Tailor the message from putting research in so that you are writing something personal and different. If you are using your LinkedIn Navigator feed you will start to see relevant, timely trigger events that you can use in your communication. 
  • Save templates of common inmails that you send so you can quickly send them out. 
  • Use interesting and fun subject lines to get someones attention. 
  • Use the connection that you have in the first line of the inmail or message that you are sending out. That will hook the person into the message and get their attention. 
  • Have a clear call to action in your note so the person on the other side of the inmail or request knows what you want from the message. Make sure it is easy to understand and what you are asking for. 
  • Be specific in what you are asking for. 
  • Be appreciative of their time and them reading through the note you are sending them. Thank them for reading it and thinking about what you wrote. 

If you send 5 messages through inmail you will likely get 1 response back. Think about how many messages you need to send out per day so you get to the amount of opportunities and meetings you need to hit your goals for the month. 


Download Sales Guide: How to Start Using Trigger Events  on your Sales Team 

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