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Focus on Good Work that Moves Your Sales Process Along rather than Lots of Random Sales Work

Posted by Mar 10, 2015 9:23:37 PM Ali Powell

How do you prioritize things?

I first said to myself, I don't know...I don't think that I do prioritize things. I think I do things to find happiness in what I am doing. 

I asked myself again.

Women in sales tips For me I prioritize things in life (work and personal)  with being able to get enough QUALITY results or time from something that I am doing.

Here are some quick examples: 

  • Working out when I want to and being able to go to classes that I think I will see good results from vs. doing some random quick workout that will yield me no results. 
  • Not just cleaning my apartment in little chunks but really doing a good overall job and getting the place spotless.
  • Quality time with my boyfriend or my family. Not just spending time with someone or on something just because. If I am not in a good mood then that is likely not a good time to go out to dinner with friends or my boyfriend. I should go out to dinner with my boyfriend when I have a clear head and know that I can do it with quality and no interruptions. 
You should prioritize your sales process on spending quality time on your work rather than just "time." 
I truly think that this concept goes the same for your work life. If you spend quality time on what you are doing at all times, then you will see better results on the whole lot of what you do. I know this sounds like a basic concept. I know, you are thinking- Ali, great advice. Of course that is true. Do good work and you will see good results. Easier said, than done. 
But, if you actually think about your job day to day...
Do you actually do quality, good work the whole time? 
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I know that if I spend 30 minutes of quality work on one account I will see higher results than just prospecting to prospect. Don't just do work to do work. 
Spend quality time on your work if you want quality results to come from your work. 
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