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Download the HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Kickoff Guide

Posted by Feb 24, 2015 11:31:56 AM Ali Powell

This morning I saw that we launched this guide to how to have a great sales kickoff event so I thought I would share with you all. It was great timing and I guess great minds think alike because I was planning to write something like this after we had our sales kickoff for the year.how to have a great software sales kickoff event I just well, never got around to it. The joys of keeping up with great ideas and creating awesome content! Thankfully I work at HubSpot and for that reason thought I would share this lovely guide that we just released.

1. Here is the blog post that Brittany Leaning here on our marketing team wrote about the eBook guide on having a great sales kickoff.  

2. This was a joint co-marketing offer with LinkedIn and HubSpot so if you want to check out the LinkedIn post on how to create a great sales kickoff you can check it out here. 


Download the guide to make sure that your sales reps have the best sales kickoff this year! 

how to launch a sales kickoff for your sales team


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