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HubSpot Inbound Sales Day 2016: Do You Want to Learn New Sales Skills

Posted by Aug 16, 2016 11:17:05 AM Ali Powell

Free. Yes, costs nothing. No approvals needed to go to this training.

No traveling.

Become a better sales person.

See immediate results from what you will learn on Inbound Sales Day.


Check out the sessions on the agenda here and schedule some of the sessions into your day TODAY or block the whole day out to better your skills as a sales rep. It will not be wasted time.

All you have to do is sign up here for our 1st Inbound Sales Day.

Below is a video of my CEO @Brian Halligan talking about why you should care about how sales has changed and why you need to change the way you sell to match the way the modern buyer buys today.


HubSpot is all about spreading the message of Inbound.

Inbound Sales is still a very new concept so it's our job to educate salespeople around the world so they can adapt to the buyer and grow their businesses.Screen_Shot_2016-08-16_at_11.08.17_AM-147081-edited.png

To do this, we're hosting the very first Inbound Sales Day on September 14th, featuring live Q&A sessions and interviews with 23 of top sales executives from multi-million dollar companies including:

  • Dave Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training - How buyer psychology has changed and how sellers need to adapt
  • Michelle Benfer, VP of Sales at LogMeIn - How to run a sales demo that closes more deals
  • Keenan, CEO of A Sales Guy - The various diagnoses for why salespeople can't close and what to do about it
  • Doug Landis, VP of Sales Productivity at Box - A framework to effectively coach reps into top-performers

See the agenda here and read about the speakers here.


Please share what you learn about #InboundSales by using the Hashtag #InboundSalesDay on Twitter.

Register now for #InboundSalesDay here.

If you are a woman working in sales and want to be part of a growing community or women who work in sales join our Slack channel here. 

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