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If You Are a Woman & a Sales Manager, a Sales Director or a VP of Sales We Want to Hear From You

Posted by Feb 5, 2016 7:49:25 AM Ali Powell

I wrote an article a few weeks ago that is still getting great response and people seem to be starting a conversation about the topic I raised in it. I think the reason people tend to see value in an article or a concept is if they feel a similar feeling towards the same problem.36454fe1e334a0c5b7c55507baa4008c-358784-edited.jpg

It seems like both women and men in sales would like to get more women in sales roles & expose women in sales to other women in sales.

So how do we do this?

It starts with women in sales exposing theirselves to each other and talking about their jobs. Any woman working in sales as a manager, a VP, a Director or higher level should talk about their roles. Make it known that there ARE women in sales at this level of leadership. For us women in sales roles like account executives, bdrs and sdrs, any sole contributor in sales not in management or above to be inspired to continue this career in sales we need to hear from you.

For us women working in sales roles to aspire to becoming a woman still working in sales at the VP, Director or Manager level we need to hear from the women in those positions.

Here is the article that I wrote that stemmed the conversation on women in sales.

Before Today I Had Never Met a VP of Sales Who is a Woman

People (men and women) ask me why I care about this topic of women in sales. My answer is consistent. It is simple. I am who I am. Part of me as a person is my career in sales.

“I care because I am a woman. I care because I am a woman who works in sales.”

Why wouldn’t I care about those 2 things? I am those 2 things. Those 2 things are big parts of my life and who I am.

Those 2 things make me care about exposing women (not in sales yet) to what it is like to work in sales. Those 2 things make me naturally care about exposing women in sales to each other so we can build a supportive community. We need to learn from each other.

If you are a woman working in sales join the women in sales community here.

e4be32f4921ffa486548f5350d509efa-411037-edited.jpgThe conversation around how I had never met a VP of Sales until the other day really spurred me to think more seriously about what I want to do withthis community of women in sales. I don’t have some weird agenda in mind. I am writing articles about what it is like to be me, a woman, working in sales every day.

I started writing these articles about 5 1/2 years ago when I started working at HubSpot in entry level sales because I quickly noticed that there were less women around me in tech. I started writing articles because it gave me an outlet to my job everyday. It gave me a way to expose myself to others and talk about what I was learning in my job everyday. Slowly but surely the articles and blog posts have created more of a community. This feels like a natural progression.

Women in sales want to be connected to each other. They want a sense of community and we are building it.

We started a SLACK channel too that you can join as a woman working in sales so you can connect with other women working in sales. You can join the slack channel for women in sales here.

If you do a search in LinkedIn for Manager level, Director or VP level of Sales people on LinkedIn in really any city the results are overwhelmingly men.

There are some women, but not enough women. I know too many male managers in sales who want to hire more women into sales roles, but they can’t find them. We can fight this issue and we will win.

To do well in your career you need to have mentorship in your field as well as be able to look up to people in your career path that you want to be like or aspire to be like.

I am a woman, working in tech, working in sales. I want to be a woman working in sales, in tech, in a director, a VP or a manager level. To dream big, we need to see those doing what we dream about doing. We need to know that you are out there and loving what you do.

My ask is this. If you are a woman working in sales write about it on LinkedIn, write articles on medium and on your own blog. Start the conversation about leveling out your own company’s men to women ratios in sales. If you are a woman working in sales as a VP, Manager, Director level expose yourself to us. We really want to hear from you. If you are a woman working in sales at any level and know of a higher up woman in sales expose them to us.

By creating a larger community of women who work in sales of all roles we will keep women in sales longer and we will expose more women to how sales can be a rewarding career for them to join.

You can join the women in sales community here and you can join thewomen in sales slack channel here.

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