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Imagine a World Where all Sales Reps Sold to the Right fit Companies

Posted by May 1, 2015 10:36:44 AM Ali Powell

Imagine you have a need to buy something...

You as an employee of a company will start down the process of looking into buying software or a product to solve a problem that your company has. 

After selling software in a competitive space for almost 5 years, I honestly don't ever want to be in a position where I would need to purchase software in a competitive space. I feel the pain that people buying software go through when that software is in such a competitive space.

Buyers read blog posts, they educate their selves as much as possible, they read reviews on review websites, they talk to people, etc. They do anything and everything they can to prepare themselves to be sold to by a sales rep. That is partially because of the buying process changing over the years but also partially because a sales rep typically has one thing in mind: selling a deal. 

That means that the person who is looking to start the buying process to explore software is going to find that they will talk to many different sales reps at many different companies. That means that this person looking to buy software is going to likely get confused, hear things from one company to the next, etc. They will feel overwhelmed. I don't envy people having to purchase software in competitive markets because it seems hard!  

I have an idea though...

What if we lived in a world where when you were in a situation where you were looking to purchase a product or software for your company meant you would definitely buy the right software for your needs. Imagine a world where you wouldn't feel stressed because you didn't know if you were making the right buying decision. This world would be one where all sales reps did things to help the prospect know if they were a good fit for their product or not. There would be sales reps who turn certain prospects away based off of qualification. You might even tell a prospect why they are a better fit for a competitor of yours!! (OH MY)... 

Imagine a world where when you were looking to buy something and you spoke with sales reps from many different companies, they all had one thing in mind.

Their number one priority would be to sell their software or their product to the BEST fits, the RIGHT kinds of companies that will most definitely see value and success with their product. 

Well, that world would be a great world for all of us. Prospects looking to purchase software or technology from sales reps would have a better time and a happier process. It would also be a lovely world for companies who sell against other companies competitively. It would be a world where sales reps knew that another company talking with a company that was a better fit for a competitor would acknowledge that. It would mean better sales processes and better fits becoming customers of companies that they should become a customer of. 

As a sales rep selling software I know what kinds of companies are good fits for my product. I know when someone will see success and when they won't. I know when a company is a better fit for another company and will even tell them if I think this. 

I sell this way


Someone asked me the other day at lunch what I was up to the rest of the day. I told him that I had some demos, exploratory calls, etc. And his response was:

"Are you going to try and sell them some software?" 

My answer to that was and will always be NO.

I am not ever trying to sell someone software. Let me explain- I am not in a sales role because I want to sell to every person I ever talk to. I want to sell my product to companies that are VERY GOOD FITS. So that means if a company happens to be a great fit and they want to end up buying software, good. That is great. But, if for some reason I think or they think it is not a fit I am not going to keep trying to sell them something. 

When you start to feel like you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, then you need to back up and back off. There is a reason you feel that way. Something is off. Instinct should kick in and you should have a gut feeling on how to proceed or not proceed. 

I don't have any interest in selling software to a company that is not the best fit for what I know that my product is good at. I don't want a deal just to get a deal. The reason that I am in sales is because I know that the product I sell (if I decide to) is a great fit for certain companies and helps them grow. I love helping them. That means that not every company I talk to should buy the product I sell. 

And that is okay! That is more than okay. 


Every sales rep sold software to companies who were truly qualified, we would all have better days at work. :)  

Sales reps would sell to companies who would end up being VERY happy, life long customers AND the companies investigating software would not be so darn confused as to what they were a fit for. If all sales reps sold products to companies that were great fits for their products we would all live a happier life. We would all have really happy customers, and sales reps would be happier knowing they helped someone pick the right product for their needs. You would also know as a sales rep that sales reps at competitors were selling to the right kinds of companies. We as sales reps and our buyers would have a better process and we would have a happier world. 

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