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Is Using Slack Outside of Internal Company Use to Build Community a Real Use Case?

Posted by Mar 15, 2016 8:45:33 AM Ali Powell

I started a community called Women in Sales. Slack seems like a natural fit to get this community to engage with each other in real time or on their own time.

When you think about ways you can engage a community there are some standard ways that we all typically use. There are things like:

  1. Linkedin Groups
  2. Email newsletters
  3. Facebook Groups
  4. Twitter chats

There are probably other channels but those are ways I have done it in the past to push out content to members of my women in sales community and subscribers of my blog content about being in sales.

There was one real reason I was interested in getting my community onto Slack.

It would enable the women in sales community members to engage with each other in real time.

Setting up the Slack channel was easy.

It is also not super hard to market thanks to things like Hamster Pad andHubSpot software helping me to get the word out and create a sign up process.

I was really excited about the momentum. But, then I read an article about how Slack is really meant for internal communication at a company level. I obviously see the use case for using Slack as a chat platform for your company and we do use it here at HubSpot. But, I really thought it was a great use case for creating community. Am I wrong?

As the Slack channel has grown and women in sales start to use it in their own unique and wonderful ways I have also seen a use case for Inbound Lead generation.

As a sales rep I am always thinking of new and weird ways to get in touch with prospects. Right now as a sales rep you have a few ways to reach out to your prospects. I typically would do the following:

  • email
  • vmail
  • calling
  • linkedin
  • twitter

There are other ways that sales people reach out to prospects (obviously) but those are the main parts that I use.

The use case for Slack seems like it is mostly driven around engaging internally in your company. But, it seems like a natural fit for building community and also potentially building another channel to interact with prospects or engage people from a marketing or lead generation perspective.

I have seen this go down in our chat and think we should wake up. Maybe this is another way for new age lead generation. Some ways I have seen this go down in our chat are:

  • People asking questions about how companies in the chat do certain things in the sales process. (This is because this chat is for women who work in sales so the whole point is to be able to engage around that topic).
  • People ask for advice from one another on vendors they should use for certain problems. (For example we get people asking about what CRMs they should use and why. I love this! I think this is great that you can get advice on what you should use as a company from like minded people in similar roles).

Slack seems like a potentially genius, weird way to generate inbound interest.

There are 146 members in the Women in Sales Slack Chat now.

I want to use Slack in the most effective way and would love to know how other people who have created communities on Slack outside of internal company usage use Slack channels.

What types of things do you do in your community or channel?

How do you invite people?

How do you market your slack channel?

What are your best practices?

The mission and point of the Women in Sales Community is this:

To allow women who work in sales to interact with other women who work in sales at their own company and outside of their company.


As a person I want to learn from people in similar jobs inside of my company but also externally. That is why this community exists and that is why I care about building it. Diversity in thought process cannot only come from learning from other employees at your company, it needs to include learning from other people in similar roles at other companies.

If you want to join the Women in Slack Channel and the Women in Sales Community you can do that here.

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