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Sales Lessons Learned from Iris Apfel- Your Style Should Come Out in your Sales Process

Posted by Sep 28, 2015 4:11:43 PM Ali Powell

This weekend I watched the Iris Apfel documentary and I loved it. I love her. 
She is not a sales person but part of me sees her as someone that sales people can learn from and relate to. 

She is an odd duck but in an amazingly, funny way. I dig her. 


She sells herself due to her personality and style. We can all learn something from that in sales. As a sales person you need to own your style, own who you are and what you are all about as a sales rep.  If sales people were more interesting, more bold and more like their selves maybe companies wouldn't hate talking to us or being prospected by us as much. If you have a sense of style in your sales process you are likely to stick out and that is always a good thing. :) 


Here are some quotes and things that stood out to me in her documentary that I thought apply to being in sales. 

Accessories can transform an outfit. 
Her glasses are a statement piece on her.
Have your own statement part or piece of your sales process.
You are different and no one else can ever be exactly like you. Own that. 
 You must have your own style in sales.
Be you in the sales process and let yourself shine.
Your prospect will appreciate that. 
Have a great deal of fun. Have fun in life. (have fun in your job)...
Going by the rules won't work because you will always break them. :) 
Be memorable in the sales process. No one wants to talk to a boring person who is just going about their day to go about their day. Be passionate about what you do and do things with purpose. 

Or else why do it in the first place? 
Be super passionate about what you do and let that shine through in your sales style. You are who you are. That is something that should be an asset to your sales process. If you let YOU shine through then you will likely be a better sales rep. People want to work with sales reps who act like their selves and don't act a certain way to appeal to the end client or prospect. 
Sales reps should let their personal style and personality shine through in the sales process. 
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