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Mary Rogul, Corporate Sales Rep at HubSpot Explains Why She Loves to Sell and Why Other Women Should Try Selling Too

Posted by Jul 28, 2014 10:16:00 AM Ali Powell


Prior to joining the sales team at HubSpot, Mary Rogul worked for Monster.com specializing in the staffing vertical. With over 15 years of sales experience, Mary brings her entrepreneurial spirit and solid sales skills working with all levels of an organization from Owners of small one person companies to CEO's of large multi level corporations.


Mary currently works within the large company segment at HubSpot selling to Marketers and C-level Executives at the Enterprise level. Since starting with HubSpot three years ago, Mary has successfully used her experience within staffing from her years working as a consultant for a boutique staffing firm in Boston to being part of the staffing start up team at Monster.com.Mary_Rogul_woman_in_sales_-357058-edited


Mary has also started a blog on working moms who face many joys and challenges in the work force and hopes to attract other working moms to HubSpot who share a passion for a career as well as a family.


Outside of HubSpot, Mary's favorite things to do are eating out at new hot spots in town, working out, reading and cooking.  She also thoroughly enjoys her two young boys who keep her on her toes at all times!

Here is what Mary had to say about women working in sales and some tips for being a woman in sales. 



<What would you tell a woman who is considering what field to get into to consider working in sales?:

If you are passionate about something, try selling it. Go out there and show your stuff. Tell people why that product/service is better, different, unique and why they can not live without it. Then surround yourself with colleagues that are experienced to be the best at your trade.

How did you end up working in sales?:

After meeting with a headhunter at a Boston recruiting firm, I observed the energy, and exuberance in the office and knew I wanted to give it a try so I became a recruiter and learned how to sell within my industry. As an accountant, I placed finance professionals and really knew how to talk the talk. I gained confidence and experience as a sales professional and have been selling now for 15 years.

Do you think being a woman working in sales is different than being a man working in sales? How and why?:

I do. Very often in my on-site presentations, I am either one of few women or the only woman. I believe that women can feel intimidated by men and may take a back seat, particularly at the executive level. It makes me perform better, sometimes more assertively when I want to prove that I am as a competent as a man, if not moreso.

What would you tell women who aren't in sales thinking of getting into sales? Any tips?:

Go for it! Surround your self with people that have good experience. Those that you want to emulate. Give yourself time to learn, fail and try again. It takes years to develop your true skills, but if you have an interest, take the time to educate yourself, practice, excel, achieve, fail and then try again. I have had many ups and down in my career as a sales professional, but at the end of the day, I love what I sell and I know I'm in the right place.


How can we get more women working in sales?:

Branding yourself through producing content. For me. knowing that people I respect had their trials and tribulations, kept my head above water in tough times. Reading blog articles of woman in sales has been key for me to keep my eye on the ball and will bring more to the profession as we share this great information. I also think mentoring programs for junior folks or people transitioning into the industry is ideal.


What do you like about sales?:

Everything! I love the way that I can control every aspect of my process, from the rapport building with a new prospect, to uncovering gaps that I know I can help with and then going after the business in a way that I believe will win the deal every time. I pride myself with being very even keeled, not getting too high or too low, but most of all I just love to sell!

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