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Monica Stewart, Director of Sales from RedIQ tells Her Sales Story on the Women in Sales Podcast

Posted by Jun 29, 2017 10:20:56 AM Ali Powell

Ladies, ladies, ladies...I am so happy and excited to introduce you to the 1st women in sales podcast episode with this wonderful, insightful, smart woman: Monica Stewart.


She is now the Director of Sales at RedIQ. We graduated college around the same time in 2006 and are both really the same age so I was super excited to meet her and get to know her story of how she got into sales and how her career has evolved over the past 10 or so years.

You will find this episode on Youtube as well as on the iTunes podcast(being refreshed at the moment, so should be up there shortly).  This is an audio podcast so don't get confused when you see no image...just click PLAY! 

Some lessons that you will find in Monica's sales story include:

  • Figuring out what you are really good at and honing in on that throughout your career path in sales.
  • "Oh, this is not right for me" or "Wow, I can't do this position"
  • How do you go from being an Account Executive and working your way up in sales.
  • How she started working in sales after college and what she learned in those early years in her first jobs.
  • Passion for sales and comparing yourself to your friends early on in your career.
  • How to feel fulfilled on a personal, professional and creative level.
  • Chanel bags, and your fashion friends - comparing yourselves to your friends roles after college.
  • Invest in yourself and your skills to get where you want to go.
  • How to find yourself in sales and why sales can be a great career path for women coming out of school.
  • Why are women told to be executive assistants or assistants when we first graduate college? What is up with that? (To all my friends who are EA's I love you and appreciate your roles, but still so odd that a lot of women coming out of school are told that is where to start).
  • Her experience early on in her career working with mostly men and how that impacted the way she would sell in the future and things she learned from those men through her career path so far.
  • Your first job does help shape your way of thinking for the years to come.
  • How to be your own woman, be yourself.
  • Don't let age and corporate "rules" hold you back in your career. Don't be told that you have to work your way up in a certain way. Find a company that will value your work and that work leads to promotions not your age. 
  • Formative experiences early on in your career and how those things will shape your future. 
  • Working hard is smart. 
  • 60-100 calls with your male boss sitting right near you and he's not on the phone!?!? 
  • "So you are going to keep me in this job?"
  • Feeling like you have to prove yourself to your male colleagues. 
  • How men and women differ in sales. 
  • Wanting to crush your role.
  • Men looking out for each other more than women tend to.
  • The buddy culture for men in sales compared to women being judged more by their work. 
  • Working your first big event and getting advice from your boss. 
  • When you have never done something before how to ask for advice.
  • Be yourself and make connections.  "whatever you do, don't try to impress anyone, because you can't"

If you want to be part of the Women in Sales podcast and tell your sales story to other women in sales we would love to have you! 

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