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Motivational Sales Quotes Don't Work, What Works is Hiring Naturally Motivated Sales Reps

Posted by Oct 7, 2015 9:03:31 PM Ali Powell

Someone asked me today,
"Ali, how does HubSpot motivate their sales reps?"

I quickly responded. It didn't take me much time to think about this. 

My personal stance on this is that it is not your company's job to motivate you as a sales rep.

It is your job to motivate yourself to do a good job at selling for your company. If you don't feel motivated to sell what you sell then you are likely at the wrong company. Motivation is an internal thing. It is something that you just have or don't have. As a naturally motivated sales rep you should have this fire inside of you to get things done and work hard. This motiviation should not come from others, it should come from you. 


I don't feel like sales reps need to be motivated if they are in the right sales job and selling what they naturally (as a person) care about selling. Sure everyone has a bad day, a bad week, a bad month...BUT you should definitely feel motivated on your own to sell what you sell. If you don't then you are in the wrong place. 

Here are a couple of tips for finding and recruiting sales reps who will be motivated to sell your product or service naturally, just by being who they are as a human being. 

1. Look for someone who understands your product vision or what your product solves for. 

  • Does this sales person exhibit things in the interview process that tell you that he or she will enjoy selling what you sell?
  • Do they understand why your company exists in general and what you are trying to do mission wise?
  • Do they get excited when talking to you about your vision and mission of your company?
  • Do they understand your target market and why you sell to them?

2. Is that person a helper? 

  • Sales is about helping.
  • You should make sure you are assessing for someone who likes to help people. 
  • Ask questions in the interview process about things around how they interact with colleagues and friends, figure out if this person helps people in general. Are they kind and a helpful person in general.
  • Do they care only about themselves?  

becbf7358247f3e56effcfa64fdcc80f-774563-edited.jpg3. Does this person know how to get pumped up on their own?

  • The sales rep needs to naturally have something keeping them going. Whatever that is just make sure there is something there that guides them in life. 
  • What does this person care about?
  • Why does this person want to work in the first place?
  • Why do they want to work there and sell what you sell?
  • Figure out what makes them tick. But, this thing that makes them tick cannot be something that you have to constantly push them to possess. They need to possess this feeling on their own without constant stimulation from their manager. 

4. Do they like to solve problems on their own? Does that get them excited and keep them going?

  • How does the person you are interviewing solve problems?
  • Do they like solving problems or just going with the flow?
  • Do they naturally find things that are wrong and try to fix them?

5. Do they want to be the best in their job and in life? Do they care about more? 

  • I know a little odd, but it is true. Good sales reps have this internal thing going for theirselves about being the best. They want to win at things and they like competition. 
  • Even if they don't outright say it, ask them about how they keep theirselves going in life in general. What gets them going and excited to wake up everday?

At the end of all of it I know what keeps me motivated as a sales rep. 

ME...I am the only person who can motivate me. 

It is knowing that I am helping marketers change the way they do their marketing for the better. I naturally get excited by our mission at HubSpot. I actually get excited when I find a company that needs our help or I think could use our help. If you wake up excited to go to your job as a sales rep and find people/companies to help, then you are likely a fit to be selling at that company. 

Make sure that whatever sales role you are in that you are in that it is at the right company.

A company that keeps you excited to do what you do today, tomorrow and five years from now. 

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