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No one Sales Process is Going to be the Same, Know When to Change it

Posted by Apr 22, 2015 2:15:56 PM Ali Powell

The sales process is something that is typically seen as something that should be followed. It is a way for reps to make sure they are doing certain things the right way at the right times. 

Should sales reps deviate from the sales process ever? 

There is value in a clearly defined sales process for when sales reps come into a new organization or start on a new sales team. But, good sales reps will always know that all sales processes are different. No one sales process is going to be exactly the same as another sales process. the sales process should be changeable

  • No meeting will be like the other. 
  • No one phone call will have the same things happen as the last phone call.  
  • You will not do things the same way every time and you shouldn't.
  • Each step in the sales process is defined by management for a reason but you as a person should be able to use your brain and thought process to decide if that sales process needs to be changed up. 

As a sales rep you should recognize when you need to deviate from the defined sales process that your sales management has put in place. All too often you see sales reps who are too focused on doing things correctly or the way they were taught in sales training that they forget to use their brains! When you come out of sales training as a sales rep you are just trying to hit each step of the sales process the right way. You don't want to "mess up." You can become nervous, and becoming nervous will cause you to start doing things in a way that doesn't feel natural. Or even worse you will miss little clues from the prospect where you should have changed up your sales process to match the context of where the conversation might be going. use your brain in the sales process

Use your brain and make your own decisions as to how you should proceed during the sales process. Just because you have a script or a defined step-by-step process for your sales process in your organization doesn't mean that there will never be changes to it. 

Go with your gut in the sales process. if you feel like you should do something "out of order" or even do something different than what is defined in the sales process guidelines by your company- DO IT! At whatever stage of your sales career you are at (new, old, etc) sales reps need to trust their gut in the sales process. 

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