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"Oh, You are Trying to Sell Me Something?" says Everyone that You Call

Posted by May 20, 2015 8:29:00 PM Ali Powell

When someone asks me at lunch or in while I am making a tea in the office what I am up to that day, my answer is always the same...

"Oh I have meetings, some exploratory calls, demos, etc..prospecting... the usual..."

Today's great sales rep


They say, "Oh are you going to try and sell them some software?"


That is actually not my first thought at all when taking a first meeting with a prospect. My 1st thought is actually: 


It is all about help. I cannot sell anything without knowing how I can help. 

Today's great sales rep is one who knows how, why and when they should help a company by selling them their product. 


When I book a meeting with a prospect I have no clue if I am going to try and sell them software at the beginning of the process. I have an idea of how I could before I get them on the first call but that is based on my research. That research could be wrong...they could end up saying things that lead me to think we are not a good, ideal fit for their needs. That is okay with me. That should be how all sales reps sell. 

The reason I decide to reach out to someone is because I think there is a good reason to reach out to them. My initial reach out is strategic. I know from my research on the company that maybe we could help.

I do research on literally every single company I ever reach out to.  I have to have a reason to reach out to the prospect or I see no point in putting in effort to reach out to them. 


I am not trying to sell every single company I reach out to HubSpot. No way. Never. today's great sales rep is an artist

I don't think everyone that I reach out to is going to end up being the best fit for HubSpot. The only way I will know that is by taking that company through an exploratory, consultative sales process. Just because I did research on the company that I reached out to, ending up getting a 1st meeting with...does not mean that they should buy HubSpot. That does not mean that I should convince the company to end up buying HubSpot. 

I am NOT a traditional sales rep. I am today's great sales rep. 

What does that mean?
Simple actually. 

I want to help people. So, if someone ends up being a poor fit for HubSpot but a better fit for a competitor (for example) I will tell them. 

I have no interest in unhappy customers. Guess what that does to me and my time? It creates more time for me to work on the companies that are great fits and send the companies off on their merry way who are not the ideal fit. 

I would rather not hit quota than sign up poor fit companies.  But, the interesting things is- I actually always hit quota. Yes, always. 

That is because I care about having ONLY good fit companies using my product. 

Do your sales reps know what makes a good fit for your company? Do they also know the competition in your space well enough to say when another company might be a better fit for your prospect's needs? 

Want to be the best sales at your company? Then stop caring about your quota and focusing on that. Focus on being a helper and you will hit your quota. 

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