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Personalized Prospecting does take LONGER & that is Okay

Posted by May 20, 2016 9:35:54 AM Ali Powell

Prospecting should take time.

If someone asked me to put a number on the amount of dials and emails a rep should send I don't know if I could answer that. 

This is because I would want my reps to be doing quality prospecting instead of just fast prospecting.

Prospecting should take time to do it well. To see high quality results out of your prospecting as a sales rep or SDR/BDR you must take your time.

By doing quality prospecting in a meaningful, well researched, personalized way I would claim that the results are better than doing prospecting in a spray and pray, un-personalized way.

Results. What are good results?

I would argue that good results from prospecting are quality appointments with the right people who have potential needs that your product or service could solve for.

If you go after anyone in your database or any lead that gets rotated to you in CRM, you might get meetings with low quality potential fits for your product. You might end up wasting your time on bad fits when you could be meeting with high quality, potentially better fits.

Be picky with what domains you have in your name as a sales rep.

Make a choice to work a lead, work an account, or work a domain for a reason.

You should always have a reason or reasons to reach out to a company. If you don’t have a reason then I would suggest that you hang up the phone.

Back up and find a reason to work the company before you start to reach out…

Lots of reps just blast out emails to their inbound leads, cold source leads quickly and call, voicemail, and email all of them with the same messaging.


Slow down…

Quality work takes time. Any kind of work that you want to do well will take effort and will take time.
So why should prospecting be any different? Why is prospecting always seen as something that should be done in a fast manner?

We should stop talking about how many calls or emails you made in one day. We should start tracking and talking about the quality meetings you have booked. We should start talking about how many domains you researched that day and decided to target.

Slow down, do your prospecting with effort and by finding meaningful things to say. Find reasons to be helpful.

I happen to keep a blog about women who work in sales, so if you happen to be a woman who works in sales you should join the community here. Forward to any women in sales that you know!

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