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Why BDRs Should Care about the Little Things when Booking Meetings for their Sales Rep

Posted by Aug 10, 2016 9:39:30 AM Ali Powell

As a BDR or SDR you have one goal in mind…


To book meetings.

Those meetings you hope will be good so they go past the 1st meeting that your sales rep will run.

Your hope is that from that 1st meeting your sales rep will continue on with a sales process that leads to the company becoming a customer.


You get the credit attributed to you. You get credit for the closed won deal.

You want lots of the kinds of meetings that go past the first call with your sales rep because then you will have more at bats out there that your sales rep might close. The more “qualified” those meetings are that you book and the more “timely” those meetings are the better off you have at getting those meetings to move past that first one.

There are ways to set yourself up for success here. It has to do with being picky in who you prospect and why you prospect certain accounts in the first place.

The BDR game is moving from one of lots of touches to one of more high quality touches.
These high quality, thought out touches will result in end meetings with better accounts than if you just booked random meetings for no reason for your sales rep to do so you just get credit for a meeting done.

Your job is not to book tons of unqualified meetings that don’t move past first meeting with your sales rep. It is to book meetings that go past that first meeting.

The prospecting process is the hardest part of the whole sales process. If you can get that right as a BDR you will have an easier time getting more opps into your funnel once you are quota carrying as a sales rep.

As a BDR you have to target good accounts. You spend your time making calls, you email, you prospect hard with one goal in mind: to get qualified meetings booked for your sales rep.

Do not waste your time.
Do not waste the time of the sales rep you book for.
Booking crappy meetings hurts both of you.

To get to your meetings booked goal you can get there by doing your job in a half-as@ed way or you can do things correctly in a detailed, thoughtful manner. I would argue doing things the right way, in a thought out, research driven way will get you to more quality meetings that will have a higher chance of going past the first meeting.

You can get to your goal both ways but this is why I think it matters in doing things in a well thought out way as a BDR.

1. One day you will become a sales rep and it will matter A LOT if your processes are good or not.

You are probably a BDR or SDR because you want to become a quota carrying sales rep.

To become a sales rep you need to start doing things correctly NOW.

You need to try your hardest at things now to set yourself up for success when you do carry a quota.

You will have your own quota that is not just meetings booked or meetings delivered or MRR brought in from the sales rep that you support…you will have your own number and be held to that.

Right now as a BDR doing pre-qualification calls is when the little things start to add up.

Get yourself into the mentality of always doing the little things in your prospecting process the right way and to your best ability now. The little things in your prospecting process will become part of who you are and how you do things as a sales rep later on. Get it right now because it will matter more than you know later.

2. Your sales rep that you support will do a better job with the opportunities and the meetings that you book. This will set both of you up for success.

Do you care about opportunities that you book and meetings that you book going past the 1st meeting you booked with your sales rep?

Do you want to see those first exploratory meetings go to the next step?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Set yourself up for greater chances of that happening by preparing your rep for the meeting the right way.

Do a great job at setting that meeting up for potential success by providing context.

If you worked a high quality account in the first place you should have had reasons you were prospecting it. Document those things in the opportunity that you book for the sales rep as well as the information you learn from your call with them.

Here is what you should do if you are a BDR booking meetings for a sales rep: $$$$

  • Only target high quality, potentially good fits for what you sell.
  • Don’t just reach out to everyone and anyone in your CRM. Target accounts with a reason.
  • Have a reason to reach out to someone and a reason to want to work a company in the first place.
  • If and when you book the meeting you should know why you booked it and document it in the opportunity in your CRM so your rep will know what to do in the meeting.

Put yourself in your sales reps place on the day of the meeting.

Imagine that he or she is coming off a demo with an account and has 15 minutes to prep for the meeting you booked them…What do you want the sales rep to know?

You can either give them the right information to make this the best meeting possible OR you can give them minimal information on the opportunity and the meeting will likely go not so great.

Set yourself up for higher probability of success by taking good notes and giving the sales rep you support reasons to have the meeting. An easy way to do this is by adding a note to the account or opportunity with bullet points on why you booked the call and why you think it is qualified.

  • Ask your sales rep what kinds of things they care about when you book a call for them. Focus on those things and qualifying for those things. Make sure you put those in the notes in the opportunity when you transfer it to your sales rep.
  • Document the things you learn on the call as well as the things that you knew going into prospecting the account in a note on the account so the sales rep you support can read through this before the call and then ask you questions if necessary.
  • Before you send the opportunity over make sure you ask yourself did I write down everything I know about this opportunity? Did I miss anything? Will my sales rep ask me anything else that I haven’t written down in the notes on this opportunity yet?
  • Even if you don’t know something or didn’t get that information just write that down so the sales rep knows this.

My BDR at HubSpot supports me by providing me with ideal information that I would want to know going into the meetings that she books for me. Below is a frame work that you can use with your BDR to help you to have the right information on your meetings.

An easy way to figure out what kinds of things your BDR should be uncovering in a pre-qualification call for your meetings is by sitting down and taking an opportunity that he or she booked for you that week and just asking questions about it.

Typically the questions that come out in opportunity reviews with your BDR are going to be a good framework that you can use moving forward when your BDR books a meeting for you.

You must solidify your BDR framework for exploratory meetings booked to move opportunities past the initial stages.

The framework you can use is by listing out in a note on the opportunity things that you knew before you spoke about the company and things that you learned from your call.

It feels sales trainings always focus on the “what did you learn on your pre-qualification call and not enough on the “why did you reach out to the company in the first place?”

The sweet spot is when the BDR can get both the information on why they were reaching out in the first place and have those things they had researched on the account align from what they learn in their conversation with the prospect. When this comes together you typically get a really good, timely, qualified opportunity that will have a higher chance of moving past the exploratory stage.

As a BDR you can ask yourself the following questions when creating a note for the sales rep about the meeting you booked for them.

  • Why did you book the meeting? What do you think is going to happen in the meeting from what you spoke about with the prospect? What makes you think this?
  • What is the background on why you were reaching out to the company and contacts in the first place? Give the rep any and all research that you did on the company and contacts under the account in the first place.
  • Who is the meeting with and why? Give background on the contact or contacts from LinkedIn. How long have they worked there? What does it say they do on LinkedIn?
  • Did the person convert on the site? If so what is the lead intelligence on the contact you are sending them?
  • What are the triggers that made you want to reach out? Things you might want to know business wise on why you were approaching this company in the first place.
  • Obviously you want to know what happened on the call too. Did you talk to them on the phone? When? What was the vibe of the call like? Did you like this person? Etc…anything you can think of emotionally about the call is helpful so we know what we are getting ourselves into.
  • GPCT- of course the more you can gather on the normal things we are all taught about qualifying opportunities is helpful too.
But remember the most important thing is that you are booking meetings that have a need for what your product or service solves for and the timing is there.

The sales rep can always qualify more from there but your goal as a BDR should be booking qualified meetings that have needs we can solve for potentially and solving those problems are timely.

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