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Sales Prospecting Success Series: Working Someone Else in the Company and Using Notes from Past Calls

Posted by May 13, 2014 11:03:22 AM Ali Powell

Today I had a good amount of time to spend on prospecting and so I am working on getting as many converted leads into opps that I can to set myself up for a strong May and June. Summer is hard in sales because people go on vacations and people are spacey. They are in vacation mode sometimes so you need to do your best to prospect hard and smart to get good, quality conversions early on in May so you have a strong summer. This is your time to be a rock star sales prospector. 

I thought I would start sharing some of my sales prospecting success stories on the blog more frequently. Hoping they might give other sales reps ideas for their connect calls. I will also share bad experiences too where I fail because those are fun and helpful to learn from too. Right? 

So here is the background on this Sales prospecting success story. 

My BDR of 2 years just recently left HubSpot. She got an amazing opportunity that she couldn't not take, so she decided to take it and I think it was a good move for her personally and professionally. With that transition I was given a lot of her old leads that she had sourced as well as ones that I had sourced for her. I have spent some time over the past couple of weeks going through those leads to see which ones I wanted to prospect and wanted to do research on. Got the bad ones out and kept the good ones. Did new research on them and now I am calling and prospecting on those leads. This is a story about one of those leads.  

One of the leads was a legal software company and Danielle had sourced the CEO a few months back from a trade show list. Her notes were there so I used those to figure out how I wanted to reach out. Lesson number 1- keep good notes as a sales rep. Those notes will be helpful for you in the long run as you work that lead but could also come in handy for another person on your team at some point if the lead is rotated around or something. 

take_good_notes_in_the_sales_process-781733-editedHere is what I knew from her notes: 

  • She had sourced the CEO. Good job! Check mark there. I just needed to read about his background on the website and on linkedin to make sure I know as much as I could about him and what his deal is. 

  • She had prospected the CEO a few times in February and the CEO had said timing was off because they were going through a redesign of the site then but would want to maybe talk in the future. Make sure that you write down in your notes what had happened in past calls so you can start your connect call with that information. 

What happened next:

  • I actually received an inbound lead from someone who didn't look like they worked there. But, she requested a trial of HubSpot. So what that told me was that maybe timing was better now. I checked out the site to see if the website had changed or looked updated. It did. Good news there too, maybe this means that marketing could be timely and therefore maybe it is in fact good timing to talk. 

  • I did more research on the rest of the people at the company as well as looked at the inbound lead intelligence on the lead who came through our website. Using both the old information on the lead before and the new lead intelligence on the inbound lead I received set me up for a good, useful conversation to the end company I was working. 

  • She was not listed on linkedin under the company name and she wasn't on the website. Odd. From what I have seen in the past this means that she is a consultant for the company or likely going to work there at some point soon.

I took notes down in the description field in SFDC and start to prospect. 

  • I asked for the CEO but he was not there. So I had all the other names of people working there already written down in my notes with their titles so I knew who they were and what they did at the company. That way if someone said their name I would know if they had relevancy to what I was looking to do. That is exactly what happened too. 

  • We started to talk. I told him why I was calling and gave him the background from a couple months back with Danielle. I also asked him who this lady was that I gotten an inbound lead on and he told me it was a consultant they just hired. BINGO. My research was working... 

  • From there I explained why similar companies talk to me and what we help with overall to see if it was timely. 

  • It was timely and he decided to setup some time to have an exploratory call with me to see if there is anything worth while here to look into. how_to_be_a_good_sales_prospecting_person

Lessons from this sales prospecting tale. 

  1. Don't ever assume anything. 

  2. Do your research on the past experiences the lead/company has had with your company.

  3. Write down in your notes in CRM as much as you can about the company and things that you think will help on your connect calls with them. 

  4. Think about what might happen on the call and be prepared to react in a normal, intelligent way.

  5. Know what you are trying to get out the call. 

  6. Be able to say why you think that what you do could be helpful or timely.

  7. Respect that fact that you caught them off guard and try to schedule another time to talk if it is timely or relevant. 

  8. Act normal and helpful towards the person on the other line. 

  9. Ask good questions so you can gauge if they are qualified or not. 

  10. Do what you say you are going to do on the call. If you tell them you are going to setup the call right after the call do it. If you say you are going to send them an email with more information about what the heck you are talking about, do it. Don't wait. Do things in a timely way. 

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