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Sales Prospecting Tip of the Day: When You Work Make Sure that Time is Spent doing High Quality Work

Posted by Jan 15, 2015 11:15:22 AM Ali Powell

My boyfriend and I have this saying about how time spent together should always be quality time. I kind of think about my job that way too. I don't necessarily need to work 9 hours a day every day just because that is what I have been told I should do.

Instead I think that when I am working, in that time I should always be doing  good, high quality work. 

spend quality hard work at work When you are doing anything that has to do with your work do it with care, with respect and with hard work. From that will come good, high quality work that will yield higher results than if you just spent your whole day knocking away at things without care. 

Here are a couple examples of how you can spend more quality time doing your job as a sales person: 

  • Say you are tired one morning and you know that you don't have any scheduled meetings until 12 PM that day. Well, maybe you should listen to your body and sleep in a bit. Take it easy that morning and allow yourself the rest that you think you need and get your day going (work wise) at 12 when your meetings start. Maybe you work from 12-8 that day because that is what your day looks like that day and that is where you have scheduled meetings. Make sure in that span of time that you are doing work that you do good high quality work that you would be proud of. 


  • When you are prospecting your leads in your database you have a choice of how you should prospect. You can either just go after anyone and everyone just because and hope things work out OR you can do your prospecting with focus and care. You can pick the leads you want to target and work methodically towards getting a yes or no from them. Your job as a sales person is to always get a yes or a no. Think about it. Anywhere in the sales process from prospecting to working your way to closing a deal...Your number one goal should be to get a yes, or a no. So if you spend your time wisely, work hard when you do work with targets in mind you will likely see a higher return from the time you spent "doing work" than if you just worked away without care or without goals in mind. 


  • Set small goals for your day, for your week, for your month. I personally will be angry or disappointed in myself if I don't convert one lead into an opportunity a day. That is a small goal I set for myself because I know that every night when I go to bed and close up for the day at work I have done something good. I have helped to push something closer to starting a sales process with a company I would be excited to work with based on research I have done. Another example is that each week I have a goal to close one deal, to bring on one new customer every week. To some that might sound odd because any day or week can be different and not all sales processes work out in a week. I don't mean it that way...I mean if I try to always be pushing deals along and ahead in the right way then likely I could close one deal per week. Those deals I do close will be good because I spent time picking who I would even prospect from the beginning. 

If you do quality hard work in say a 2 hour time span when you have the time on your calendar open vs. doing 2 hours of non quality, haphazard work I promise you will see better results from time spent. 

Sounds easy right? Well, think about your day today. When you were working, were you really working? Were you doing good, high quality work the whole time? If you try to focus on spending time in your day doing high quality work you will notice where you are not doing that. You can learn to use that time to get some coffee or do something not work related,  so that once you get back to your desk you are ready to do good, high quality work. 

When you do something do it with care and do good, high quality work because that time spent will help push you closer to your goals and closer to your numbers. 


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