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Sales Prospecting with Video: How to Use Video in Your Sales Process

Posted by Oct 24, 2013 6:01:00 PM Alison Powell

Prospects are getting better and better at blocking you and I out. We need to be creative and to the point. We need to catch their attention in our prospecting but also somehow show them that we are actual human beings. We are real people, we want them to feel that. 

Today my business development rep, Paul and I started to toy around with the idea of video in prospecting. At HubSpot we are all about doing smart prospecting. We reach out to people because we have a reason to reach out to them and we always do research. We have things we want to tell the prospect because we think we could help them. So we try many different ways including vmails, calls, emails, social media, etc. Why not add some videos into our prospecting mix? 

Ways you can use videos in the sales process:

  • Prospecting: Record a video of yourself and say hello to your prospect. Show them that you are a real person and that you are not automated. A lot of prospecting comes off as non-human. Prospects are getting automated emails from sales people everyday. Marketing is doing a great job at getting more human and targeted with outreach via email but we as sales people need to show that we are real. Show some creativity in your process and show your personality in a short video to your prospect introducing yourself and what you think you could help them with.
  • After your 1st attempt: Don't give up if someone doesn't respond to your vmail and email at first. That was just your first try. If you gave up the first time you did something you would never succeed. Video might be a good way to catch someone's attention. Take a little bit of extra time and record a short video taking them through the problem that you think you can help with. For example- I had talked to a prospect of mine on the phone a few month's ago and the timing was off because they were getting a website redesign. They mentioned that they would love to talk once that was done and get some advice on how to make it work after the redesign. I took a video of me walking them through some tips I saw on their website around inbound marketing and inbound lead gen and sent it over to them in an email.
  • Use lead intelligence to know what they care about: Companies who use marketing software and CRM have lots of data on their prospects and customers. You should use that intelligence to market and sell to people smarter. For example, if you know that someone filled out a form to get a guide from you on lead nurturing you should give them feedback on how you think they could improve their email marketing with lead nurturing. If you see pages they are looking at, forms they are filling out, things they are downloading, emails they are opening...use all that data and intelligence to know what type of information would catch their attention. Be helpful and record a short educational video on how what your product or services do could help them based on what you know about them and what you think their priorities are. 
  • When a prospect sends you an email or vmail with a question: Create short videos over time that you can leverage with other prospects in the sales process. In sales you tend to get the same questions over and over again. If you start to see a trend, that is a good indicator that other prospects are going to have the same question over time. Record a short educational video that will help you quickly answer their question. 

Everyone likes switching up process. Sales can sometimes feel repetitive since you are doing the same thing everyday. Switch your mentality from one of just going through the motions to hit your number to one of trying to help people by being human. Video can add an unexpected element of human interaction early in the sales process that your prospect will be surprised to see. Want Regular Sales Tips and  Resources? Sign Up Here.

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