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Sales Reps Can Take Marketing into Their Own Hands - Here is How.

Posted by Apr 16, 2014 2:52:39 PM Ali Powell

I talk with mostly marketers of B2B companies who want tools and software to help them to do their jobs better and easier. I also typically only call on or prospect marketers because I know that they are utlimately the ideal people who would use something like HubSpot. There is a trend that I have been noticing in the marketing space. More and more I am seeing that sales people are taking the marketing and lead gen into their own hands for their company.

trends_in_the_marketplace_as_a_sales_personNoticing trends in the marketplace is important as as sales rep because it can help you to do 2 things better. 

1. You will start to sell smarter towards that trend.

2.  You will have time to sit down and work out plans on how you are going to market and sell better with these trends in mind.

The trend of sales people taking marketing into their own hands is only going to continue. As a sales rep you should either be helping your marketing team to define the trends you are seeing so you can guide them as to what kind of marketing collateral and content you need to do your job better, or you must take marketing into your own hands and do it yourself. Marketing is essential to being able to sell. The best marketers are sales people themselves because they know the product or service that they are selling and they know the problems they are solving for in the market. The best marketers that I see are ones who have sold for their company before. They know more about the product, about the service they are marketing and therefore they are just naturally better marketers. 

It would be smart for more sales people to incorporate innovative marketing into their sales process. 


If you think about it... marketing in itself, the art and act of marketing is done to generate leads. When all is said and done, marketing exists to help a company to grow. But, who are the people who are going to take those leads and help grow the company? The sales team. 

Companies who might not have a marketer or a marketing team to do their marketing are starting to get fed up. They are taking marketing into their own hands and starting to figure out ways to execute on things they see they want done. They want to get stuff done and they are getting fed up with waiting around on marketing to do it for them. Done are the days where you as a sales rep need to wait for a marketer or someone on your marketing team to approve you doing something. 

Create an environment where marketing and sales are interchangeable and they both are done together. 

As a sales rep you have the ability to notice things happening in the market place. As sales reps we need to constantly be aware of what we are seeing on sales calls, in prospecting meetings, etc. Whenever you are interacting with prospects you should be noticing and being aware of trends that are happening. Take note of them.  Take those trends and questions and create content on those topics so you can use it in the sales process. Don't wait around for marketing to do it for you. You have the ability to do this on your own. 

Just as a marketer or marketing team needs tools or software to execute on marketing efforts so would a sales person or sales team who is taking marketing in to their own hands. 

If you are sick of waiting on your marketing team to create content and create campaigns that will help you to grow you should just do it yourself. 

If you want to do marketing on your own,  you should  be aware of a few things so you can get company buy in. You also should be aware of what it takes to be a good marketer as a sales rep. 

There are a few golden rules that you need to follow as a sales rep who will be executing on marketing. Make sure you are fully aware of these and are ready to do these things. Being good at marketing takes consistency and takes determination. You as a sales rep have both of those things so don't be afraid. 

1. You will need to create content. Yes, there is no getting around this. You do it everyday anyways when you are doing follow up from meetings, etc. Just get used to it. 

2. You will need to think creatively. Get those creative juices flowing. It will be fun, I swear. 

3. You will need to work more hours. You will likely have to do marketing things at night or early in the morning. You might even end up working some hours on the weekend. 

4. You must be someone who wants to learn and is ready to be taught how to do marketing. 

5. You have a need and want for more qualified, better leads

6. You want to make sense of your database that your company has and use it better. Do you notice that you have this huge, untapped thing sitting around in your CRM? You have no clue what to do with it and wish you could find the good leads in there? 

7. You will need marketing software to be able to execute on your marketing ideas EASILY and FAST. There is actually software out there that can help you as a sales rep to do this stuff easily. You won't need help, you could actually whip up a "campaign" on your own! 

8. You will need to be someone who gets excited by results.  This one should be easy, you are in sales right? 

9. You will need to be an internal seller of your marketing results internally to get more sales people on board.

10. You must track your results of your efforts so you can start to sway your management team towards doing more marketing.

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