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Sales Prospecting 101: Sales Reps Should Stop Using Email Templates and Start Using Their Brains

Posted by May 2, 2014 10:57:00 AM Ali Powell

Sales Reps typically have access to things that can help them to do their jobs "easier." I am not sure that easier means better though with sales prospecting. If you are a sales rep and part of your day is calling out to inbound or cold leads you are likely leaving voicemails if they don't pick up and sending emails. There are ways that you can make your response rate of your email sends better. It is called being more HUMAN. Don't let the world of email templates take over your world. Creating your own sales ready email templates just takes using your brain. 

easier_is_not_always_better_in_sales-1In the world of automation that we all live in now it is important for your outreach to come off more  human. We as sales reps should try to expose the fact that we are human beings more in the sales process. We are not robots, we are human beings. So let's act show it in the sales process. 

sales_reps_should_use_their_brainsStop using email templates that you didn't write. 

If you are going to use email templates at all I suggest that you write them yourself. Think about the typical scenarios you end up in and start to create templates for those types of communication that you have daily.  If you are seeing that you are constantly writing a similar email then make your job easier on yourself and create a template that you can use next time. Keep a sticky note on your desk for one day and write down the type of email that you have written more than one time that day. Start to create email templates that you can save and use in similar situations in the future. 

Help your marketing team to create templates that sound more human and sound more like YOU. 

I personally don't like to have someone else write my emails. I do like the fact that marketing can help me nurture my leads but I think I would prefer to have those emails have my own voice and sound like myself. If you can collaborate with marketing on your email templates or the series of lead nurturing emails that certain leads and opps get you might see better results. If your prospects see that you have a voice and opinion they are more likely to respond. No one wants a generic email. Do yourself a favor and never send a generic email ever again. They are boring and no one wants to read one. They also will not ever help you get a deal. 

What would you do if you were working on your own and didn't work for your company. What types of emails would you send? Play pretend. 

Sometimes we get so stuck in our ways that we forget how to be human. Would you write what you wrote in your email to your prospect if you were trying to sell something on your own? Think about this more. If you had your own company and you were trying to sell something you created would you be more passionate and would your voice come out more?  Somehow you need to channel that passion and that will help you to get more real with your communication you are sending out to your prospects in the sales process. 

Why are you sending this email in the first place?

If you don't have a reason to send the email, then don't. If you you find yourself doing "follow up" just because you are supposed to or think you are supposed to, take a step back. Why are you doing what you are doing? You should have a reason for everything you do in the sales process. If you are just sending an email to send an email and there is no real context to your email then why would your prospect want to read your email in the first place. Send things that are going to be of help to your prospect. 

Is your email helpful to the prospect? 

Make sure you are writing things in your email that help your prospect. If you are writing things that are helpful for you or are working to your advantage then you are likely going to get a bad response rate. Everything you do in the sales process should be revolved around helping your prospect. If your email is boring, has no context, is all about you or about your company- you should delete it. 

If you need ideas as to what you should send in your follow up emails you can download my guide for how to create good emails in the sales process. I will give you tips as to how I send good quality emails in the sales process. Starting with prospecting emails, to what to send after an exploratory call, what to send after a meeting, etc. 

Download My "More Human"  Sales Ready Email Templates 



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