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So You Have a New Sales Development Rep out of Training, Now Time to Prepare them to Start Prospecting

Posted by Aug 27, 2015 12:50:53 PM Ali Powell


Lucky you. You were assigned a sales development rep to start working with you. The BDR has come out of training and now it is your job as the sales rep that they are going to be working with to wow this young, eager person... you need to teach them everything you know. But, you also need to do it in a way that makes sense to someone who has never done this job before. 

As my fellow colleague, Doc would say, "You are about to get schooled by Ali Powell." 

Yikes...kind of intimidating on both ends.

As a sales rep I want the best for my new BDR. I also know that my BDR wants to learn a ton and wants to learn fast. That is the joy and benefit of hiring a good fit for your sales development program. If you hired well, you will end up with someone who is willing to learn, willing to be trained by you and wants to support you the best way that they can. 

So what happens now? 

You need to start having one on one's and start to work through what your BDR is going to do early on in their job. 

It is really hard to think back to when you as a sales rep knew how to do nothing. BUT YOU HAVE TO.

You didn't know how to work your way around your CRM. You didn't know why a company was a good fit. But, you wanted to know all this and more! And you wanted to know it now, or more like yesterday... You really, really wanted to learn.  The entry level sales rep has no clue what to do. Put yourself in their shoes and take it slowly and work with them in a methodical way. Think about what things he or she needs to know early on as they start to prospect for you. What are the main things that are going to help them proceed. 

Here are the top things that I think a sales rep should work with a business development rep on when they first get on the sales floor. Remember I work for a SaaS company so these might only make sense for companies similar to us but I still think the lessons will hep. 

1. CRM Training. 

  • Teach the BDR or SDR the basics of the CRM. 
  • Lead views are going to be most important early on. They need to know how to create lead views for things like open leads in your territory, in progress leads in your territory and know how to get those leads into their name to start to work them. 
  • After you have the basic lead views and account views created allow the BDR to start to get leads into their name to build out their prospecting pipe.

2. The BDR needs to pull leads into their name that they are going to work once they start prospecting. 

  • For us at HubSpot this means taking going through the open/recycled lead queues in my territory. 
  • She must go through leads/domains and look at the websites to see if she wants to work them. 

GOAL for this sourcing project: Have your BDR "source" 50 high quality, researched leads. Then have the BDR go through the 50 leads that they sourced. Have the BDR explain to you why they sourced them as well as review the lead record in your CRM to make sure she did those things correctly. 

3. Trigger events and research on the sourced leads. 

  • One part of sourcing and taking leads from the recycled queues should be around the research. 
  • The BDR should put a lead into their name based off of the things taught in training but then from there they should be putting notes in the lead record as to why they want to call that lead and work that lead. These would be things like trigger events. 

The goal of the sourcing project is to get 50 leads sourced in your BDR's name.

From there have a meeting with your BDR and review the 50 leads. Make sure that she is on the right path with sourcing and knowing what is a good fit for your company. This activity will help you to guide your BDR into creating a good prospecting funnel for when she does start to prospect. 

Before getting on the phone and starting to prospect my goal is for the BDR to have at least 200 good, researched, high quality leads in her name. Once that is done. Then and only then do we start working on the prospecting process. 

Remember to keep things simple early on with your BDR. 

Do not have them work leads that you would never want to speak to. Help them to understand what makes a good fit early on. Don't cut corners early on in teaching your BDR because it will waste precious time where you could have had them doing quality work. Do things the right way from the beginning with the BDR. 

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