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Start Using Linkedin for Sales to Enjoy the Benefits throughout the Sales Process

Posted by Apr 16, 2015 2:47:48 PM Ali Powell

how to use linkedin as a sales tool There are many sales tools out there that sales reps can leverage in the sales process. There is one that I know of as a software sales rep that helps in all parts of the sales process. I am talking about before you even ever decide to work a company as a lead, to when they become an opportunity, to when they become a customer or don't buy; there are ways that this sales tool helps a sales rep throughout the whole sales process.

You can use LinkedIn in the pre-sales process, in the actual sales process and once they become a customer or a closed lost opportunity. LinkedIn is the only sales tool I know of that has benefits throughout the whole sales process. 

If you use LinkedIn consistently as your sales tool from the beginning to the end of your sales process you will see benefits throughout the whole process that will improve your results as a sales rep. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator should be a required sales tool for any sales organization today. The best way to learn how to use LinkedIn for sales is to start by buying LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Pre-sales tactics for using LinkedIn in the Sales Process

  • When you decide to work a company you should automatically search them in LinkedIn Navigator and follow the company. That will automatically save the company to your accounts.
  • You should then go to the company page and click on "see all employees" below the pictures of the people who work there. That will take you to a search where you can search for the right people that you want to work in the prospecting process. 
  • You should then save each one of those people to your LinkedIn. You will click on "save as lead" to do this. 

Using linkedin for sales Wahla!

You have begun using LinkedIn for Sales! Wasn't that easy?!

Now you will start to see benefits from that point on...

Using LinkedIn at the beginning of the sales process: 

  • When you login to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator you will now start to have a stream of relevant shares, news, etc from the companies you have started to follow and from the leads you have saved to your LinkedIn Leads section.
  • Everyday you should check your LinkedIn Navigator to see important and timely updates that you can use as sales triggers in the sales process.
  • You can use the updates and information that you are getting from your feed in Sales Navigator to have more timely and relevant things to say to your leads when you are prospecting. You will have more relevant and timely reasons to reach out to your Opportunities throughout the sales process. 

Examples of the types of shares you will see in Sales Navigator when you start to save leads and follow accounts:

  • Work anniversaries
  • New employees working at a saved account that you are following 
  • Updates from the leads (people) you have saved when you decided to work a lead. 
  • Job changes from the leads you are following. 
  • You can sort by all updates, lead updates, lead shares, company shares, company news, and potential leads. 
  • If a company you are following is listed in the news. 
  • When a company shares an update to their company page. 
  • When a lead (person) shares a news article for the company or just that they like in general. 

Once they become a customer your account managers should use LinkedIn as a way to stay on top of their customers. If you end up not winning the deal for some reason you can still have the follows of the accounts and the saved leads as ways to stay on top of changes that might impact the sale or make it better timing to re-engage. 

Every B2B company with a sales team should invest money and time into enabling their sales team to use LinkedIn as their sales tool of choice. 

 Need help figuring out how to start using LinkedIn as a sales tool for your sales team? 

Install Sidekick for Free 

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