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How to do Target Account Based Prospecting with your BDR or SDR to Get More High Quality Opportunities

Posted by Jul 14, 2016 8:48:24 PM Ali Powell

As a sales rep who is lucky enough to have a BDR or SDR supporting you in a 1-1 model or a 1-many model you should be working with that person one on one to help define an account based prospecting program. 

Account based prospecting has been done for years with sales reps. The thing that is becoming more relevant is how to do this with your BDR or SDR who supports you as a sales rep. 

There should be a real strategy in place before you just get at it. Here are some of my thoughts on how to get the most out of your target account based prospecting model with your BDR or SDR from my work here at HubSpot with my BDR. 

High-Quality-font-b-Target-b-font-face-font-b-paper-b-font-100pcs-40-40cm-681185-edited.jpgAccount based prospecting or "target" account based prospecting is useful for both the sales rep and the SDR/BDR.

***Read that again... You are a team. You as a sales rep working with a BDR or SDR are a team. Your success is dependant upon their success and visa versa. Don't ever, ever forget this. You must always remember that you are working to make this BDR or SDR better so they can help you get highly qualifed potential meetings. It is your job to explain to them why you are asking them to do something. 

If you start an account based model with your BDR or SDR that supports you, you should explain to them why you are doing this and how this kind of model will help both of you to get to your goals. 

What is the point of account based prospecting?

Pretty simple. You "name" accounts that you want to target. The goal of naming these accounts as targets is so you have something to work towards. These named accounts or target accounts should be high quality and have potential reasons that you found as to why you think your company could help them. Those reasons must be timely. 

You must have a structure in place to understand the impact this target account based prospecting process has on your sales process and turning leads into net new opportunities for the sales rep. Without measuring you will not know if this is working or not working. Make sure you track this in your CRM and put reports or dashboards in place to look at results daily, weekly, and monthly with your BDR or SDR. 

1. Make sure you have a discussion with your BDR or SDR around why account based marketing is important to your success and their success. 

To do good target account based prospecting you need to explain to your BDR or SDR that supports you why you are doing this and how the results from this should be better than just hap-hazard prospecting. 

Remember that your BDR or SDR is working with you not for you. You are a team and you need to work together to make sure that you are both on the same page as to what success means for this kind of target account based approach. 

Things to think about when defining what success is for a target account based prospecting model:

  • How many target accounts do you want to name each week?
  • What is the strategy for securing meetings with these accounts?
  • What is the end goal of the target account based prospecting process?
  • How will you keep updates?
  • What kind of updates do you want to keep and track? 
  • What kinds of fields need to be updated and kept in CRM to measure and track this process?
  • How often will you two meet to discuss your target prospecting approach and learn from it? 

When you do account based prospecting you must have a goal in mind as to why you are going after certain kinds of accounts and what you expect the results to be from this kind of prospecting. You should both be working towards some kind of goal to see success from this process. 

Above is an example of an account in my CRM as to where we input next steps on the account and the expected date that we want to know what is going on with this account as we prospect into it. 

2. Once you have explained the reasons for doing target account prospecting you need to know what to focus on with those accounts to have successful conversations that yield meetings for the sales rep. 

At HubSpot we define and name 10 net new accounts per week with our BDR to work on. This is a joint process that we expect the BDR to work with the sales rep on and visa versa, the sales rep to work with the BDR on. 

Target account based prospecting is very useful in coaching your BDR or SDR into what makes a potential account a good fit. You will be able to look at the accounts they have "named" and you have "named" for them. You can sit down and go through each account to talk through why they named it, what things they think your company can help with and what their strategy is in going after this account to hopefully get a meeting. 

Questions you should know the answer to if you decide to name a Target account:

  • Why are you working this account? 
  • Why do you think what you sell can help them? 

You should be able to answer both of those questions. If you can't then you don't have a good enough reason to mark this as a target account. You should tell your BDR that you expect them to write these things down in the account in the CRM. We use the description field in CRM to mark our research down to use in prospecting accounts. Just make sure you have some process in place where you can go into those named accounts your BDR is working and look at why they are working it. This will allow you to give them real time feedback on the account over time. 

The sales rep can think go into the named accounts through a view of their BDR or SDR's accounts and look through their activity history to understand their approach. Then in real time you as the sales rep can give your BDR feedback and coaching on their process. 

Above is an example of a report that I have in my name for my BDR's target accounts or named accounts in my main territory of silicon valley that she is actively working. 

At HubSpot we use Manager next step and manager next step date as spots where the BDR and sales rep can input the updates on the account as well as next steps in terms of a date to follow up. These fields are then pulled into reports that we use to stay on top of our accounts that are targets. 

3. Track your progress as you start to work the target accounts with your BDR.

Make sure that you have mechanisms in place to see the results of the marked target accounts that your BDR is prospecting for you. You should be able to see what their target date is for getting a discussion with that account and the reasons as to why they are working this account. That will enable you as a sales rep to give the BDR feedback on the account and their prospecting process into the account.

Meet at the beginning of the week about your target accounts for the week and the strategy the BDR is planning to use on the accounts. You should also meet and talk at the end of the week about how the prospecting went into those target accounts over the week. Hold yourself and the BDR accountable to their results as they start to work on target account based prospecting. This process will help your BDR or SDR to quickly learn how and why an account is "good" or "bad." 

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