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The Best Free Tool to Help You Book Connect Calls Easier via Prospecting Emails is Assistant.to

Posted by Dec 10, 2014 3:52:44 PM Ali Powell

I got an email today from my new favorite tool. Here is what the email said...

book meetings faster with this sales tool

I was kind of shocked to see that I have actually booked 40 emails with this free scheduling tool. Wow! So let me tell you how this tool works and why I love it. You will likely love it too. 

 I found out about this from a prospect of mine who was trying to book a demo with me. We kept going back and forth, back and forth on a time to meet. How annoying is that? Scheduling meetings takes up so much time in your day. I never realized how much time you waste on just the simple task of booking your first meeting with someone or even your follow up meetings. The answer to this is being able to share your calendar with them and have them book the time on their own. 

Download and check out Assitant.to here. 

So how does it work?

This scheduling tool connects in with your email. It is a little add on at the bottom of your emails that you can expand to pick out times that you want to show to the person on the other end of the email. They are then able to quickly book a meeting that works with their schedule and with yours. You pick the times that you want to expose to them and then they can compare to their calendar. The reason I like this for prospecting specifically is because you can add it in at the end of an email saying something like this...

Below I am going to add in some times that work well for me, if one works for you just click the time in the email and this cool tool I am using will book both of our calendars. Insert magic wand here...

Here is a screen shot of what Assistant.to looks like in my emails in Gmail.

Why sales people should use sales tools

At the bottom you will see that you just select the amount of time you want the meeting to be for and then you name what you want the name of the meeting to be. I typically just write in "I will add a webex." When the person on the other end books the meeting you will get a notification to your email that the meeting has been booked. 

At that moment when I see how little work I did and that they booked the meeting...I usually do something like this. 

what I feel like when I convert a lead into an opp


There are lots of sales tools out there these days that can help sales reps save time. This is one that I would put in your arsenal of sales tools. It will save you time, save you back and forth emails and allow you to convert more leads into opportunities so you can start the sales process. 

The way I use this in prospecting emails is pretty  straight forward. I do the same things I would do with prospecting emails and then at the end I write things like:

I am going to include some open times that I have in my calendar this week below. If you find one that works well with your schedule too, just click it and it will book us both. 

This is what I put in the email and what the end prospect would see to schedule the meeting via Assitant.io. 

How to use assistant.io

Couple things to know that I learned about this tool:

  • Only allows you to show three days in the future. No more than 3. That's okay though because then it gets you on the phone with them quicker. 
  • It is free! 
  • So easy to use for both sides of the table. Easy for me the sales person and also easy for the end prospect to book the meeting that way. 
  • A lot of my prospects have started using it too. :)
  • I haven't tracked  this in CRM but I should have...I am almost positive that my conversion rates via emails have gone up. Meaning way up...I book most of my first connect calls this way if it through email. 

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