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The Best Tool For Sales Prospecting and Timely Trigger Events to Help You be a Smarter Sales Rep

Posted by Oct 31, 2014 1:13:18 PM Ali Powell

If you aren't using Linkedin Sales Navigator yet you probably should look into. I love it. I wanted to share with you how I use it and what type of insights it gives me into comapnies I am working and people I am targeting with prospecting. 

So Sales Navigator can do a bunch of things but the way I have been using it is like this. Screen_Shot_2014-10-31_at_12.57.32_PM

When you know that you are going to work a domain or company you should go into navigator and follow the company.  The way you do this is by SAVING the company. In the right hand corner there is a button that says SAVE. Clcik that each time you decide to start working a company. 

You will start to get updates on that company. So when the company posts anything to their LinkedIn company page you will see a stream of that on your home dashboard in Navigator. 

You can start to look at lead recommendations on the company page so this would be people that LinkedIn thinks you might want to know about. The next tab is about how you are connected. This will show you people that you are somehow connected to (1st connections, 2nd connections, etc) and then you can see if maybe one of those people is connected to someone at that company and could intro you. Or you could just mention their name in a call or email as you start working the company. 

The next thing you should do after you follow the company is find the people that you are going to work  and prospect. 

Now when you get to the lead's profile on linkedin there will be an option to SAVE THE LEAD right in the middle of the contact's details. Click that everytime. 

Screen_Shot_2014-10-31_at_12.57.05_PMNext time you login to sales Navigator you will see a screen that shows you updates from your company's you are following or the people you are following. How lovely is that?! 

So here are some examples of things in my feed right at this moment: 

  • I can see that a lead of mine started a discussion on something in a group. 
  • I can see what people are updating their statuses to and this allows me to find out useful information that I can use in the prospecting process and the sales process. 
  • The other great thing this allows me to do is be able to like their comments and updates, as well as comment on them. I actually do this on press releases and say things like congrats. 

 This gives me another way to always get updates on the companies I am working and the leads I am prospecting. I hope this helps you! If you want to look into Linkedin Sales Navigator you can go here to watch a video about how it works and request a demo. 

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