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4 Simple Steps a Sales Rep can Take When Starting to Work a Lead for the First Time to Set Them Up for Timely Triggers in the Sales Process

Posted by Oct 30, 2014 5:10:39 PM Ali Powell

People ask me my process a lot. I don't really ever spend time thinking about it because it is habit now. I do things and I don't even know I am doing them. I also don't really ever know if something is odd or different that I do than another sales rep. I just do what I think will set me up for the best success with the company I decided to work in the first place. 

Regardless of if a lead is inbound (generated by marketing work) or outbound (sourced by me for some reason) I do certain things to make sure that in the future I have good information coming to me about this company. These steps happen after I decided I wanted to work a company. I always do research when deciding if I want to work a company. I find trigger events that tell me that a company is worth working. I find companies where I know from research that potentially they will have a reason to want to explore what my company sells. When I am done with the research then I need to do a couple things to ensure that I have the best, most updated information on that company going forward. 

Once I decided that a company is worth working and could be a good prospect I do the following things. 

1. Follow the company and all the target people I am working in the company on Linkedin. 

  • Follow the company on Linkedin. There is a button at the top of the company's LinkedIn page that says follow. Click that everytime you decide to work a domain. Then when you login to linkedin you will get updates on that company. So maybe they post some news on their site. You will get that in your feed and it will help you to stay up to date on what is going on at that company. This will add to potential triggers for you to reach out to the company. 
  • You also want to search for the people you want to work and then you want to save them as lead. You have to have LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do this. If you don't have it you should make a case at your company about why you need it. 
  • I also just figured out that you can follow people on LinkedIn. That blew my mind because I always thought you could just follow companies. I think this is a huge win for sales reps because then you are following that person not on just the company level for company updates but also changes to their profile, changes to statuses and updates. I think this could be huge for prospecting because it allows you to get close to them. Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_5.04.22_PM

2. Follow the person you are working or people you are working on Twitter. I also follow the company that I am working. 

  • If for some reason I don't want to actually follow the person or the company I won't. 
  • BUT, I always always always add them to a private list on Twitter named Prospects. 
  • What this does is allows me to create a monitoring stream in my HubSpot with this Twitter list and I can randomly go in there and see what all my leads are sharing or saying. Then I can respond to them or use some of those tidbits in my prospecting or sales process. Once again this is just another touch point where I can interact with the lead and/or learn things about what is going on with their company and what they care about. This makes me a better sales person and a smarter sales person. If I can use triggers in my sales process I always will. 

3. Go to their website and figure out a way that you can subscribe to their email list.

  • That will allow you to get their email newsletters and anything else they decide to email out. You can use this information as a way to stay up to date on that company and things they care about. 
  • Then you will randomly get emails from that company and you can use the information to be a smarter sales rep in the sales process. 

4. Make sure you setup a Google Alert right away on the company.

  • Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_5.05.28_PMThen you will start to get alerts of news that is happening with them. Anytime they meet the criteria you put together in the alert you will get emailed. 
  • This basically helps you to stay up to date on things they are releasing news about. You can use this inforamtion in your sales process usually. Just being informed on the companies you are working is smart. 

These four easy steps can become routine. They are routine for me. Then these four things work for you. You are not doing the work, it is not automated and you will get information on your leads over time that will help you to do a better job as you work the lead or opp. 

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