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There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Use Incentives on the Last Day of the Month as a Sales Rep.

Posted by May 30, 2014 1:09:37 PM Ali Powell

Are you thinking of ways you can get more deals in today? 

Most sales reps on the last day of the month are in one of 2 places. 

1. You are either at your number and sitting pretty. Chillaxing at your desk and you know that in a couple days you will be back at zero again. :) But, at least you are at your number. 

2. You are not at your number, you are scrambling and trying to figure out what to do to get your deals to close. You are either at zero, part of the way there, or almost there. Either way you have not hit and you are not sure that you will either...Not the best feeling. 

Using incentives in the sales process on the last day of the month can help you to bring in deals that would likely close at a later date.

I wouldn't suggest just spamming all your opportunities with some type of deal that you come up with. What I would suggest is thinking creatively about your opportunities that you have in play and how you could potentially incentivize them to move quicker than they were thinking that they would. 

  • Take a look at your opportunities that are in a stage where they are likely going to buy at some point. Maybe the timing is a bit off but you know from the sales process that they are probably going to buy and become a customer. That day might not have been today without you incenting them to move quicker. If you know that the opportunity is likely going to buy, but not sure when it is okay to ask them if they want to consider a conversation about incentives. 

  • You have the opportunity to incentivize your good opportunities that would likely close at a later time now. 

  • That is what incentives should be used for. Incentives should be used to incentivize good opportunities to buy now rather than later.the_right_way_to_use_incentives_in_the_sales_process-738633-edited

Here is how you should approach your opportunities if you want to incent them. 

1. Confirm with your prospect that they want to use your product or service. 

2. Recognize that timing is a bit off and that you realize they would typically need a bit more time to think this through but you have an opportunity you wanted to raise with them that might benefit them to get moving faster.  Recognize that they are a couple weeks away from making a decision but that you have flexibility to help them. 

3. Ask the prospect nicely and with confidence whether or not a converstion about incentives  would be something that they would be interested in talking about. Would they even want to talk about negotiating now? 

Remember as a sales rep your job is to always help the prospect. Then secondly, make it easy for them to get started and help them to do so. 

To do this the right way and in a respectable manner that doesn't come off salesy you need to make sure that you are reaching out to opportunities that you know are far along in the sales process. Make sure that you explain that you are willing to talk about incentivizing them to move quicker than they were expecting. 

Ask them if they are open to a conversation about making it easy for them to get started.  If they are then setup the call for about 5-10 minutes max to try and help them. Remember your job in sales is to help your prospects.  

Incentives can be used in a way that will help your prospect. The incentive could help your prospect start using your product or service sooner than they thought which would only benefit them. You are helping the prospect as well as yourself in a respectable way. 

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