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The Sales Prospecting Guide to Using Google Alerts with Email Templates to Improve Lead to Opportunity Conversion via Email

Posted by Apr 14, 2015 11:00:00 AM Ali Powell

Today as a sales rep prospecting needs to be timely and relevant to the person and company that you are reaching out to. 

The easiest, most effective way to stay on top of your leads/accounts in your name that you are actively working is to stay consistent with Google Alerts. To help you to focus your time on creating Google Alerts on your accounts as well as staying on top of them you need to do these things:

  • Create a Google alert every single time you decide to work an account, lead or company. how to use google alerts and email templates in prospecting
  • Make sure the Google alerts go to a folder in your email so you can check it throughout the day.
  • As you get new alerts coming in throughout the day read through the news or announcement thoroughly and update your CRM with information that would make sense to use in your prospecting. 
  • Make sure you mark down in CRM dates of the news, a link to the article, etc. Mark down anything that could be helpful to use in the future when you are reaching out to the account or lead. 
  • As you start to move companies out of your pipeline and CRM (reasons could be unqualified, company goes out of business, etc) make sure you delete the Google alert so you keep the alerts clean and updated. 
  • Make sure you stay on top of this and be consistent with reviewing your Google alerts daily as well as following up on ones that make sense to. 

As you start to use Google alerts as a way to stay on top of your prospects and accounts you will need to create and test email templates. You should create email templates with personalization from CRM into the email template so that you can quickly follow up on the leads and accounts that make sense for you to reach out to based on the news or article that you read from your Google Alerts. 

Here is an example of a template that I use in my sales prospecting process with Google Alerts and email templates in Sidekick: 


Hi first name, 
When I first decided to start reaching out to (company name) I did a lot of research to make sure that there were reasons why (company name) might find my outreach helpful or timely. At that moment I setup Google alerts, social monitoring, etc so I could stay on top of changes that might impact marketing.
I read this article today: (link to article here) 
Had a couple thoughts on how this might impact marketing:
  • Here is where you will add in your thoughts based off of the article that you read from your Google alert. Use opinions and use your brain to give ideas on how your ideas and thoughts could help them or be timely based off of the research you did and what you read today. 
Is this interesting or timely at all?

Do you use Google alerts to stay on top of your prospects and accounts in a timely manner? What kinds of email templates do you see working the best? 
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