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To Do Great Account Based Marketing -> Sales Reps Must be Really Good at Account Based Selling

Posted by May 25, 2016 10:30:20 AM Ali Powell

Sales reps have been doing account based selling or target account selling for years.

Account based marketing and account based selling (target account selling) are not new concepts. They seem to be in the hot seat right now about what marketers and sales reps are talking about.

I understand the value of account based marketing but I think for it to work well it falls back on the sales reps to get processes down right.

We should be talking about how sales can enable marketing to do account based marketing better. Not the other way around.

Marketers lately have been asking me about account based marketing so it got me thinking about the process of how this actually works in real life. Not just the process of buying software to help a company to do this.

Most marketing automation platforms can probably do account based marketing in some way or some form.


It comes back to sales being diligent at marking things the right way so marketing knows how to market to target accounts the right way.

To do account based marketing really well you need to be in full sync with your marketers so you can help define what accounts you want to target with your marketing.

Sure, I think technology can and will help this but let’s be real here…how many sales reps do a great job at logging things in CRM and keeping CRM up to date? From what I hear, not many. This is always a pain point for marketers to use marketing technology well for their sales reps.

How is marketing supposed to do account based marketing well if sales reps aren’t even keeping CRM up to date with the information that marketing could use for account based marketing?

I feel like we as sales reps have a long way to go to start seeing true value in account based marketing working well in our favor. It comes back to us doing our jobs well so marketers can impact and influence our accounts and leads better.

Marketing does a lot for me as a sales rep. I appreciate all they do but when I target accounts, work them hard and smart to get into them, get a conversation going — — I personally think that should be on ME more than on marketing. I think that working a target account hard is part of my job. I am a sales rep for a reason. I am a hunter. I want to have the thrill of working an account hard and deep to make a dent in. I think marketing can help but I don’t think that should be their sole job to target my accounts. It could be part of their role but I don’t think we should sway all the way to the extreme yet.

It is up to me to do target account based prospecting and selling well. It is up to marketing to help influence my accounts. I do agree that technology can help influence the sales process and educate the people within the target account.

So before your marketing team starts to put technology in place for account based marketing you should think about how sales can do a better job helping marketing to do their job better.

I think marketing should influence the people in the account with content but I don’t think all of the work and results should be on them. It should be a joint impact and process. To do that well marketing and sales needs to be in complete sync and have a process in place.

So, to the sales reps and marketers thinking about account based marketing let’s remember what we are trying to accomplish here. Let’s not get taken away with fancy words and hot terms of the month.

Account based marketing starts with having good processes in place on the sales side of the organization first before you will see value from technology.

The sales reps need to be logging things correctly and noting that accounts are target accounts and why they are target accounts. For marketing to do a good job at marketing to target accounts, sales must have a process for noting this in CRM. This is just one example…but I think that doing account based marketing well takes more than just creating a list and giving it to marketing to do something with it.

How does your company use account based selling and account based marketing to win accounts? Would love to hear how you do this either manually or with technology.

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