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The Top 5 Things that a VP of Marketing Wished She Knew Before Buying Marketing Automation

Posted by Ali Powell on Jun 24, 2015 3:26:00 PM

We held a webinar with a VP of Marketing, Jenifer Kern of Celerity. Since I work with many companies considering which marketing automation platform to go with I thought it might be helpful to spotlight some of the things that Jenifer spoke about on the webinar that she learned by assessing platforms and using a couple of different platforms. 

She used Eloqua and switched to HubSpot. The thing that prompted her move was that she "used" Eloqua for 2 years but really didn't have alot going on in there because it was taking a lot of time to actually do things in there. There was a lot of effort going into Eloqua and so it was hard to keep up with. She had to actually hire an outside consulting company to help her. 

One of the things I have also learned in the process of selling marketing software over the past 5 years is that marketers going through this process of exploring platforms don't put enough emphasis on how to get things done fast and easily. 

You must think about how your marketing team likes to work. Each platform you are assessing is different in the way you work in them. Before you make a decision make sure you understand how you would be working in the platform. That will be very important as time goes on. 

All platforms are not created equally and I know that because I have been selling HubSpot for 5 years.

I personally have watched the marketing automation space change and grow over the past 5 years. I have no interest in selling HubSpot to a company who is a better fit for another platform. All of the marketing automation platforms have use cases. I have nothing wrong with our competitors but I do know what makes a company and a marketer/s a better fit for us over another platform. As a sales rep selling marketing automation software you should be very aware at how hard this process is on a company. There are so many tools and platforms out there. Help the prospect understand how you are different and be honest with what you think they are a fit  for and why. 

Jenifer's top 5 things that she learned when assessing and using marketing automation tools are: 

  1. It's about the business- bozo. 
  2. Technology is a tool, marketing is a mindset.
  3. Not all platforms are created equal. 
  4. Loveable imperfection rules.
  5. It takes a village. 

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