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Dissected Mass Email I Received So You as Sales Rep Won't Do These Things in Emails You Send to Your Prospects

Posted by Ali Powell on Sep 24, 2014 1:00:00 PM

This is an example of a horrible email with no attention to detail, research or any relevancy to the person who they are writing to and attempting to sell to. 


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The Criteria Your Recruiting Team Should Use to Hire for Today's Great Sales Rep- Always Be Helping

Posted by Ali Powell on Sep 17, 2014 10:16:20 AM


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5 Easy Ways to Find Trigger Events to Find a Timely Reason to Reach out to Your Prospect

Posted by Ali Powell on Sep 12, 2014 9:07:32 AM

  • Would you just go up to a random person and start blabbing about your company?

  • Would you just go up to someone at the bar and start talking about how great you are?

  • If you finally had a chance to talk to the CEO of a company you were following would you just start talking about your product?

I hope your answer to these questions are NO. 

In sales you have to prospect. There is no way around it. If you want to start a conversation with a company you have to pick up the phone and call them. Once you get the person on the phone that you want to talk to so badly what are you going to say...

You don't want to trip over your words when you finally get your point person on the phone. You need to be prepared and have a reason to talk to them. You need to be able to quickly and easily explain why you are reaching out and why you think what you do could be timely or help them. 

The 2 main things you should think about before reaching out to any prospect are:

1. Why are you calling them? 

2. How can you help?

If you ask yourself those 2 things every time you get to a lead record in CRM that you want to work and you go for the phone...make sure you know how to answer those 2 questions. 

To find a reason to call someone and try to start a sales process with them you need to think about why they might have interest in talking to you. To find those reasons your sales team needs to start thinking about trigger events. 

Trigger events are researched reasons why you think that the company you are prospecting could have a reason to want to talk to you about your product or services. They are things that tell you that maybe what you sell could be timely for their organization or helpful for their business or role at the company. 

Remember in sales, your job is to help your prospect. To help a prospect you have to find reasons that you think you could help. 

Here is my list of 5 easy ways to find trigger events for sales prospecting. 

  1. When you find a lead that you want to work you should always setup a Google alert.  Google alerts will allow you to get notifications to your email every time that company you are targeting in your prospecting releases something new to the internet. A lot of times I get notifications about things like product releases, new person being added to the company, etc. You can use these alerts as a way to reach out to the prospect. Your reach out makes things timely because you are reaching out about something you know is happening at their company. Make sure you find a tie in to that trigger event though when you reach out. 

  2. Sign up for their email list on their website. Look around their blog and website to find a way to subscribe to their email list. This will allow you to get updates from their company. You will learn things from the way they market so you can use those things in your sales prospecting. Always have a tie in to whatever trigger event you are using. 

  3. Save their company to sales navigator lead list in Linkedin. To be able to do this  you will need to upgrade to Sales Navigator in Linkedin. Here is some information on how to do that.  What this allows you to do is have a list of leads/companies that you can follow in linkedin so you can get updates from those companies and people on linkedin. You will quickly start to find trigger events that give you reasons to do smarter prospecting to that company with these kinds of alerts coming to you.

  4. Create a private Twitter list on Twitter so you can add your companies you are prospecting to it.  Each time you pick a lead that you want to start working add the company to the private twitter list labeled prospects. You can then go through that list from time to time each day to respond and interact with the companies you are working. I use Social Monitoring in HubSpot to do this. 

  5. Find out things that would make your product relevant to the company or person you are prospecting. These things will be different for every company who starts to use trigger events in the sales process. I sell marketing software to marketing teams and CMOs so I look for things like companies who are actively focused on growth. I look for things like funding rounds where they are using the funds for growth acceleration, new VP of sales, new Marketing Director, new product launch, etc. I am looking for reasons that marketing software would be timely for the organization. You should think about what makes a company a good fit for your product or services and then find ways to find those types of reasons. 

Your main goal with trigger events is always to find a reason to reach out and try to start a sales process. Be smart, creative and think about what would make someone a fit for your product or service. Use those trigger events to reach out to your prospect in a smarter way than all the other sales reps that are reaching out to them.

Smart prospecting will allow you to be seen by your prospects as having done your homework and they will be more likely to respond and want to hear what you have to say. 

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Be Your Company's Number One Sales Prospector with these 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Pick up the Phone and Dial

Posted by Ali Powell on May 7, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Every sales rep needs a little motivation every once and awhile. Some days you might get to work ready to rock and ready to prospect hard. There might be other days where you are feeling like you are in a slump and don't feel like you can make the dials. Everyone feels those feelings and it is completely normal. You would have to be an animal to feel 100% everyday.


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Sales Reps Can Take Marketing into Their Own Hands - Here is How.

Posted by Ali Powell on Apr 16, 2014 2:52:39 PM

I talk with mostly marketers of B2B companies who want tools and software to help them to do their jobs better and easier. I also typically only call on or prospect marketers because I know that they are utlimately the ideal people who would use something like HubSpot. There is a trend that I have been noticing in the marketing space. More and more I am seeing that sales people are taking the marketing and lead gen into their own hands for their company.


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3 Steps to Using Landing Pages as a Sales Rep When Prospecting to Get Higher Connect Rates

Posted by Ali Powell on Apr 2, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Every sales rep prospects the same way.

If you want to stand out from the pack of other sales people contacting your prospect then you need to push yourself to come up with new and different ways to stand out. Most sales reps will call, leave voicemails and send emails. A lot of times they don't actually think about what they are saying or doing so it comes off canned and spammy. Most likely they are using scripts and using templates for emails so the person on the receiving end doesn't feel like you care. 

I started thinking about ways that I could get people in email or in social media to respond to me. I wanted a way where I could be seen as different from all the other sales reps reaching out but also be helpful. I say similar things in most my outreach. Putting that information into a landing page could help me see higher conversions on my outreach but also let me write more specific, targeted emails without taking up that space in the email body. Shorter emails get more responses. These are the things that I think a sales rep can put in their prospecting landing page so they don't have to say this in the email. 

  • What your company does and why they should care
  • What you do at your company  and why they should care 
  • I go after the same types of companies at HubSpot that all have similar problems and reasons why I am reaching out to them. If you have a similar way of working leads and figuring out which leads you should actually work then this type of prospecting landing page should work. 

I write custom emails, I don't use templates and I don't say the same thing to everyone about why I think what we do could be timely or relevant. So I really, really want them to read what I am saying in my outreach but sometimes they open the email, sometimes they don't. I wanted to up my chances of the prospect actually reading something if and when they did open the email. That way when I wrote that email I could really customize the content and context of the email based off of my research and not about telling them what I do and what HubSpot is. 

I decided that I would test out a customized landing page where I could use it in my prospecting to see if it would help me convert more opportunities in the amount of time that I have to prospect each day.

After just one day of doing this I wanted to share my results with you. I think they are pretty darn good and was really proud of what this simple effort has done for my prospecting process. I think it could help a lot of other people out there who want to get more innovative in how they reach out to their leads. 

These are my results of my personalized landing page. I am going to call these types of landing pages prospecting landing pages. I am not sure how many I sent out in my emails today but I know that it was probably around 10. So as you can see below I have had 12 views of my page and 2 submissions to the landing page! I thought this was a great return and it looks like I am on to something with this concept of Prospecting landing pages. 


Here is what I did that you could copy in your own process to get higher conversion rates from your prospecting efforts by using prospecting landing pages. 

1. Think about your buyer persona and what the typical prospect looks like that you are going after in your prospecting.

  • If you are doing smart prospecting where you have done research on your leads and are working those leads for a reason then you should start to see a trend of the types of leads you are working. This should help you come up with the type of persona you are selling to or prospecting so you can create content on a landing page that would spark their interest.

Questions you should ask yourself to come up with the content for the landing page:

  • What are you saying in your prospecting emails and vmails that could be supplemented or helped with the content and context of your landing page.
  • Will the content of the landing page help you to convey your message to lots of people you are prospecting. 
  • Make sure you are explaining who you are , what you do, and why you are reaching out to these people. If those are things you are consistently saying in your outreach why not put it on the landing page so you don't have to take up that space in an email.

The less you write in an email, the more concise you make it and therefore, the better chance you have of getting someone to read it. Using a landing page in your communication will help you to get your message across faster and in a different way than the prospect is used to. 

2. Create the landing page with these things in mind to know what type of content you should have on the page. 

  • Make sure that your landing page is hosted on your company website and has the same look and feel. 
  • Make sure that the lead can get back to your home page to learn more about your company after they read it. 
  • Act like a human and talk like how you talk. Don't use marketing jargon and don't have your marketing team come up with the content. Ask your marketing team to help you get a template up so you can create what content you would like to have on the page. If you use your own voice it will come across to the prospect that you are human and actually care about them. 

3. Structure for the landing page should look like this.

  • Who you are and why you are reaching out. Should look similar to the above example from my personalized sales landing page. 
  • Explain that you did research on their company and have reasons why you think what you do could be timely and relevant to their goals you have read about. 
  • Tell them the types of things you would do on an exploratory call if they were to take one. The whole point of your emails and communication with this landing page is to get them to convert through the form on the landing page so make it easy to understand what you are asking of them and what would happen if they did want to talk to you.
  • Make sure that you have a short form on the site. I just asked for first name, last name, email, company, and have one form field that says "what can I help you with."

You can see my personalized landing page that I am using now in my sales process below. 

View Example of Personalized Landing Page  for your Sales Process and Prospecting

Now that you have the idea of what to put in the landing page you need to start using it in your prospecting. The goal of my prospecting landing page is to be able to get someone to convert on our website into a lead. The reasons for this are:

  • So I can get higher connect rates with my leads in my database so that I can turn those leads into opportunities faster than I could without using them.
  • Gives me as a sales rep a way to get leads to convert so I can start tracking them with lead intelligence through our marketing software. 
  • Allows me to quickly reach out to the lead or prospect after they fill out the page.

So how am I using it in my outreach?

Instead of just emailing everyone the same generic things and having to write this long drawn out email I can now just link to my page so the prospect can quickly see if they want to talk to me. If they do they can fill out the form and we can schedule a call together.

Here is an example of how I have used it in my emails.



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8 Reasons why Sales Reps Should Make Social Selling Part of their Sales Process

Posted by Ali Powell on Apr 1, 2014 4:17:00 PM

We have these sessions/workshops here at HubSpot where speakers come in and talk to our employees about things that we might find interesting or helpful. I like to share this information that I learn because I think it could be valuable to my readers as well. Today we had Jill Rowley come in and speak to us about the benefits of social selling. She was a top sales rep at Eloqua and then when Eloqua was acquired by Oracle she started her Social Selling business. Here is a litle bit of what I learned from her talk today. What do you think about the takeaways? 


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From the Eyes of the Prospect: How to Leave an Annoying Voicemail as a Sales Rep that Will Not Get You a Call Back

Posted by Ali Powell on Mar 18, 2014 5:52:53 PM

I have people internally at HubSpot send me their voicemails that they receive from sales people (like myself) because it helps me to know what the heck NOT to do when I annoy people with voicemails. I have learned a lot from this and would suggest that you ask Directors, VPs, your CEO, etc to have them forward you any and all inbound vmails or emails they receive cold or via marketing automation so you can listen to them or read them to know what you should NOT do as a sales rep. 


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My Proven Method to Using Social Prospecting to Get a Conversation Going with Your Prospect

Posted by Ali Powell on Feb 7, 2014 4:14:21 PM

People are always sharing articles about how to do "social prospecting" with me. People are asking me what I do when prospecting to involve social media so I thought I would share my process with you. 


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"If you Love the Lead, Let it go. If it is Meant to be the Lead Will Come Back to You..."

Posted by Ali Powell on Jan 10, 2014 2:37:56 PM


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