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Instead of Focusing on Quick Wins for Today, Focus on Where You Want Sales and Marketing to Be in 2, 5,10 Years From Now

Posted by Ali Powell on Jan 27, 2016 9:33:03 AM

As a smaller company or a startup just starting to sell you have options as to how to generate your leads and how to set your company up for growth. 


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Motivational Sales Quotes Don't Work, What Works is Hiring Naturally Motivated Sales Reps

Posted by Ali Powell on Oct 7, 2015 9:03:31 PM

Someone asked me today,
"Ali, how does HubSpot motivate their sales reps?"

I quickly responded. It didn't take me much time to think about this. 

My personal stance on this is that it is not your company's job to motivate you as a sales rep.

It is your job to motivate yourself to do a good job at selling for your company. If you don't feel motivated to sell what you sell then you are likely at the wrong company. Motivation is an internal thing. It is something that you just have or don't have. As a naturally motivated sales rep you should have this fire inside of you to get things done and work hard. This motiviation should not come from others, it should come from you. 


I don't feel like sales reps need to be motivated if they are in the right sales job and selling what they naturally (as a person) care about selling. Sure everyone has a bad day, a bad week, a bad month...BUT you should definitely feel motivated on your own to sell what you sell. If you don't then you are in the wrong place. 


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5 Tips for a Sales Rep on the Last Day of the Month: HERE'S TO SOME LAUGHS TOO:)

Posted by Ali Powell on Apr 30, 2014 3:52:00 PM


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20 Simple Things to Think About to Be More Human in Your Sales Prospecting

Posted by Ali Powell on Apr 29, 2014 6:20:00 PM

  1. Think about what the person you are reaching out to is going to think you are talking about when they actually talk to you.

  2. Compile your thoughts before you reach out and make sure that what you are going to say them is actually going to make sense. 

  3. Put yourself in their shoes and in your prospect's head. Would what you are saying make sense if you were them?

  4. How would you respond to a similar prospecting process if someone was to reach out to you cold or through an inbound lead. Would you appreciate or understand what you were doing? 

  5. Question yourself always. 

  6. Do you sound like a robot. Stop if you do. 

  7. Do you sound like a normal human being who has a brain and is not on auto-mode?

  8. Do you sound like you are just going through your leads view and calling everyone in it?

  9. What makes the person you are prospecting feel special or different? 

  10. What can you actually help this person with and why? Can you explain that correctly and in a way that makes sense?

  11. Are you prospecting companies or people because you actually think you can help them or are you just prospecting the company for the hell of it. 

  12. Did you do research on the company/prospect so that if things come out of left field while talking to them you can handle it. Are you ready?!


    Are you confident in why you are reaching out? If you aren't, take a step back and assess why you are prospecting this company and figure out why.


  14. Leave yourself a vmail and send yourself an email you were planning on sending to a prospect. Listen to it and see what you think. Read the email and think about how it sounds as you read it. 

  15. Read and scan your emails in your prospecting process so you know if you actually would read all the words in it. What can you leave out? 

  16. Are you really listening when you get the person on the phone? Are you trying to hear our their ideas and thoughts and respond with real opinions? Don't go on sales mode. Be a human and think like a real person not like a sales person.

  17. Is your main priority as a sales person to make money... That is not the right answer. It is to figure out if you can help your prospect then to work on selling to them.

  18. Do you sound like a jerk?

  19. Are you being helpful at all parts of your sales prospecting process? Vmails? Emails? Phone calls? All parts of your prospecting should be helpful to them. 

  20. Listen to vmails that executives at your company get daily and ask them to forward the cold emails that they get or automated emails that they get daily to think about the bad ways you could be prospecting. Don't do those things. 

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