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The Call for More Sales Reps Writing Sales Content on What They Learn on the Job

Posted by Jul 14, 2015 11:36:00 AM Ali Powell

I was speaking with Leslie Ye here at HubSpot yesteray about our sales blog.

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She asked me questions about things that I would want to read online about sales content as a sales rep. I told her that I thought a lot of the content out there is really written by people that are not my age (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). But I personally want to read content at the stage in my career that I am at right now.  We need more content for sales reps at all different stages. Written in a real way, from the sales rep with real things that we can use in our jobs that day, that week! 


We need more sales content being pushed out that speaks to each level of a sales career as well as hits on the  industry and verticals that you are selling into. Selling in one industry is different than selling in another one. Working for a startup doing sales is different than working for say Oracle doing sales. Being a brand new sales rep at a new tech company is different than starting your first job as a SDR for a startup. We need content that hits on each level of the sales career so that people at that stage have helpful content to read. Photo_on_6-17-15_at_9.55_AM_2-145094-edited.jpg

If more sales reps wrote about their daily experiences on the job we would expose more people to what it is like to be a sales rep working it would help people on the job learn more. This would hopefully in turn get more people not in sales thinking about what it would be like to work in sales. Win, win. Sales reps learn from people who are in similar jobs at similar stages in their career and then we can also expose people who are not in sales yet as to what it would be like to be working in sales. 

So here's to writing more content that is true, real and really talks about what sales reps learn every day on the job.

Will you join me in writing content that talks about what you as a sales rep learn everyday?  If you want to write for the sales blog on WomenPreneurs please reach out to me! I would be happy to have your content on here. 


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