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Be Your Company's Number One Sales Prospector with these 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Pick up the Phone and Dial

Posted by May 7, 2014 11:30:00 AM Ali Powell

Every sales rep needs a little motivation every once and awhile. Some days you might get to work ready to rock and ready to prospect hard. There might be other days where you are feeling like you are in a slump and don't feel like you can make the dials. Everyone feels those feelings and it is completely normal. You would have to be an animal to feel 100% everyday.

Here are 10 tips to help you feel like the best sales prospector in the world. 

1. Put away the headphones. Don't keep headphones at your desk. Put them in a drawer. Make headphones and listening to music while working be a treat, not the norm. 

Uninstall spotify and pandora. Don't have any music near you. Or at least not until a certain time everyday. I have noticed that I do get stuff done while listening to Spotify but it sometimes can force me to not concentrate as much as I could on prospecting- meaning smiling and dialing kind of prospecting, not just emailing and linkedin prospecting. Typically when I have my headphones on jamming to tunes I am usually doing research on my leads, doing email prospecting and social prospecting but not dialing prospecting. If you need to get motivated to pick up the phone and phone prospect then put the headphones in the drawer and sign out of Spotify until the end of the day. todays_sales_rep

2. Take a 10 minute walk. Grab a coffee, grab a tea, gab with your friend from work about the upcoming weekend plans. Take some time away from your desk. Did you know that some companies make you take 10 to 15 minute breaks every 2 hours or something crazy like that. Try it out yourself. Make yourself take little breaks to help you be more productive when you are at your desk with your headset on. 

3. Do some stretches at your desk. Stand up and stretch your legs. Alternate your seating arrangement. Stand up for part of your day, sit down for part of your day, sit on the floor, book a conference room, work from home. You get my point. You don't need to work the same way everyday. Shake it up a bit and that will help you stay focused. Sometimes I sit on an exercise ball and sometimes I stand, sometimes I sit. Sometimes I lay down on a beanbag. Mix it up so you feel motivated to make the dials. 

4. Don't leave for the day without getting at least one new converted opportunity. I feel gross and unaccomplished when I head out for the day and haven't converted a lead into an opportunity. Part of my job is converting leads into opps and if I don't get one everyday I get angry with myself. It all adds up, the more leads you convert into opps the better chance you have at hitting your number. Sales is a numbers game...Well part of it it. Skills play into that too, but skills can be learned. Productivity can also be learned so use these tips to your advantage. Let's get motivated. 


5. Watch a quick motiviational YouTube video from some movie about sales motivation. You will be shocked how a little bit of laughter can make you feel more confident and better about yourself as you prospect. I probably haven't seen half the movies that come up when you search sales motivation videos but when I spend 10 minutes watched some of them I do get more motivated and want to work harder and smarter. 

be_the_best_sales_rep_you_can_be6. Take your time on each lead and do YOUR best job that you can. If you move too fast you will miss something. With each lead you should take some time to focus on it. If you have only good leads in your database (which you should) then you should take your time to make sure that you are prospecting in a way that is going to help move your prospecting along. Make sure you take the time that you need to reach out the right ways to the lead/company. If you need to reach out to multiple people and reach out in multiple ways - YOU SHOULD- it will likely pay off in a conversion or at least an answer. 

7. Writing emails and doing the "easy way out prospecting" is boring after a while. Don't limit yourself to the easy ways to prospect. Make sure that you are picking up the PHONE. The phone is your best friend. Remember the days where sales people didn't have email. Well, pretend you are back in that time period and start picking up the phone. Emailing and social prospecting works, we know that but so does the phone. Get to know your old best friend better and pick up that phone. 

8. How much money do you want to make this year? Do you have some type of short term and long term goal you are working towards? Why are you working in the first place? Write these things down and create a plan to get there. Figure out how many dials that takes to get there and make sure you hit those things everyday so you can make your dreams come true. :) Do this -> open up Word and write in bold, big letters your short term goal and then print it out. Then on another Word doc write down your long term goal. Now print them. Put them up in your cube or your office in front of you so you see it all day long. If that doesn't motivate you then maybe you aren't someone who can be motivated? 

9. Reward yourself. Make goals for yourself throughout your day. For example, today I found myself getting up and getting water like a million times. I have no idea why but I thought what the heck am I doing. Sit down, lady and dial. Get some work done. Maybe I was just thirsty but maybe I was also just being a bit spacey and didn't feel like doing anything. Why? Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. If you are being spacey one day and don't feel like working then ask yourself why. Question yourself and what you are doing or not doing and make changes to help you perform better. If you need a break, take a break. Get yourself in the right state of mind and force yourself to stay there for a bit. Once you get through say 50 dials or attempts head downstairs to the kitchen and make a peanut butter and jelly to reward yourself. Incentivize yourself to do good work and hard work. Maybe you want to leave work a little early to get to a gym class- get the work done and then feel good about leaving for the day. best_sales_prospector

10. Have a prospecting War! Yes, I said it. Have a prospecting war. I asked my colleague today if he would have a prospecting war with me and he declined me. Next time maybe Colby Ring will decide to prospect war with me and then I won't put his name in a blog post of mine. :) JK, just kidding. No really, I did ask Colby to have a prospect war with me today but he declined because he had too many planned and scheduled meetings for the afternoon. So I am instead having a prospecting war with myself. 

What is a prospect war you ask? It is fairly simple. Come up with either 2 reps or a group of reps who want to block off an hour or two to prospect at the same time. You have to make dials and you have to have some type of winner. For us we would say that anyone who got to say 2 converted opps wins. Then the losers has to give over their opps to the winner! No way, that's too much but maybe they get a good pat on the back from the losers and a beer. 

How do you motivate yourself to prospect? Share your stories below in the comments section to help your fellow sales reps become their company's number one sales prospector. 

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