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People who Work out and People in Sales have one thing in common- They Push Theirselves to be Better

Posted by Jan 12, 2015 9:33:32 AM Ali Powell

For a little over a year now I have been working out regurlarly. I have tried lots of different workout classes and clubs over the year. I have found that I love spinning and I love Barry's Bootcamp.  

If you knew me a year ago you would know that I HATE RUNNING. I have never been good at running. I cringed (still kind of do) when I even hear someone say the word running. If someone asked me to go on a run I would have to make up some excuse. You can get me doing all kinds of crazy workouts but running has always been something that I have feared. Literally feared. why sales people should workotu

I remember when I was in elementary school, middle school and high school when we would have to run "the mile" or some other course and I would feel sick to my stomach. I always felt winded and I always felt like I couldn't make it. Some people run with ease and I always wondered why can't that be me? Why can't I be a runner? 

What do you do when you can't do something well? I personally feel ANNOYED and upset that I can't do something as well as someone else. So I start to figure out ways to get better at the thing. I know that running is good for you and can burn lots of calories. I really wanted to be part of that club. 

For a long time running was something I didn't care to get better at. I had other ways of working out and just thought who cares. I don't need to run to be good at working out. But, there are lots of cool fitness classes that have running as part of them. I wanted to be able to do those. 

So I did what everyone would do. No not really...most people when I tell them this think I am nuts. Maybe I am. 

I started going to probably the hardest group fitness class there is, Barry's Bootcamp. The reason I did this and still do this is because running is something I want to get better at. When you go to Barry's Bootcamp you will find treadmills and weight stations setup. Every class has intervals of tread time and floor time where you focus on weights and a certain body group. The part that I really wanted to get into was the treadmill part. I am not someone to do something half assed. I figured well if I want to get good at running why not do the hardest class where I know running is part of that class. Right, some people would say well you could start training for like a 5k or start off easy. No thanks, I don't do things like that. I have no clue how to do things "easy" and so that is why I just flung myself in and forced myself to go. If I could do this "hard class" then I could be a runner. 

how to get good at runningSo now I am trying to go to a Barry's class at least once a week (hopefully twice a week). 

Here are a couple things that go through my mind before Barry's, during Barry's, and after Barry's. Remember this is coming from someone who hated and still kind of has a negative feeling towards running in general. Any kind of running, a quick run, long run, etc. But, let me tell you one thing I did learn there are different kinds of running one can do. Barry's has taught me that you shouldn't just write some kind of workout out all together. There are many kinds of running and I bet you can find a kind of running that you like. 

Before going to a Barry's class:

  • Scared of the treadmill.
  • How long do you think that we will be on the treadmill today?
  • How fast do you think they will make me run? 
  • What type of inclines will there be?
  • People are going to see how slow I am going in comparison to them. 
  • What if I have to take a break and stop for a second, I will look stupid. 
  • Ya know what? F all that. I should just be proud of myself for doing it. 
  • You go girl, just get there and get it done. 
  • Who cares if you aren't going as fast as everyone else. At least you are doing it!
  • Also, who cares if you have to stop a couple times to catch your breath. Just try your hardest and overtime you will get better and better and better. 

I feel the same way I do before a Barry's class as I do in sales sometimes. Sometimes as a sales rep you have to pump yourself up and take chances. You have to put yourself out there and take risks to see the rewards. 

While at a Barry's class:

  • Just to clarify I love lifting weights. I love all the weight work on the floor at a Barry's class. I really mean it... that you can get me to do any workout - besides running. So that part doesn't scare me at all, I actually love the floor time. 
  • The treadmill is where I will focus my thoughts. 
  • I always start at the treadmill so I can end with the floor. I do that because I know I need to get it out of the way.
  • I walk fast over to my tread and get right on and start walking, eventually into a jog, then into whatever the instructor has planned for us. Just get going, just start doing it. Talk yourself up as you go and keep yoursel motivated.
  • You are looking at yourself in a mirror the whole time. There are great energetic tunes playing too and dark lighting. I think I like all of that. You can motivate yourself just by seeing that you are sweating more and more as the workout goes on. You know you are doing your body a good thing as you see the sweat start coming down and your face getting red. That alone motivates me to keep going. As you see your body working and see that you CAN DO THIS you want to keep going. 
  • I love when I find out what the workouts will be on the tread. I really really love things with countdowns. So when we do things like run at your hardest for 30 seconds then 30 seconds off. I love love love that. That is perfect for someone like me who likes things like sales quotas and hitting goals. So that really works for me. If you like setting goals and getting to that goal then running could be something you would like to do. 
  • This weekend at a class they had us run like 8 minutes straight. I wanted to stop at one minute in. Who knows why...catch my breath, drink some water, really no other reason than I thought that I couldn't make it. But, I kept going. I pushed myself mentally and physically to make it through those 8 minutes. For some people that probably seems like a short amount of time but for someone like me who thinks they might die running, that is a big accomplishment. I don't even care how fast I was going.  I was just pumped that I made it. This is where I think that sales people would like classes like this because you feel accomplishment at the end. You are personally pushing yourself to do your best. Sales people tend to naturally be like that. They push their selves naturally. 
  • I love to sweat. I love knowing that what I am doing is doing my body a good thing. I know that pushing myself is helping me to become better and better at this thing called running.

Sales people really love goals. The cool part about these classess and running in general is that you can set little and big goals for yourself. Once you hit them you want to do more. Also, a cool part about running is that once you start sometimes you feel like holy cow I am not going to make it...but if you keep going you find yourself enjoying it. Something happens to you. Maybe runner's high? I don't know I am no pro. But, I feel it. I feel something that makes me feel committed and dedicated to be better and keep pushing myself. I think sales people are like this too. img_6649-989106-edited

After Barry's class:

  • Wow, I MADE IT!!!
  • I just did that. 
  • Wow, I feel really, really great.
  • This is why I workout. 
  • It makes  you feel great. 
  • It makes you feel like you accomplished something awesome and that you can do anything. 
  • Overall I just think working out helps you with things like anxiety, getting the stresses of work out, etc. It just makes you as a person feel a lot better. 

So how does this have to do with sales? Who knows, maybe I just want to write about why I like Barry's. No that's not the point. 

I want people to know that they can push their selves in their jobs and personally. Pushing yourself is fun. It is rewarding. When you do something hard and you accomplish something and hit a goal you feel great about yourself. Sales people love to hit goals and so do people who exercise. I think the two go pretty well together. 

If you want to learn how to push your body and your mind more I think running is a great way to do that. I think there are benefits even after the workout. Your mind gets stronger when you learn to push your body past points where you thought that your body couldn't make it. You learn that you can do more than you think you can do. That mentality carries over into your professional and personal life. Working out in general makes me a better employee, a better girlfriend and a better person. 

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