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When People Ask Me How I Did that in a Week

Posted by Feb 18, 2016 7:54:05 AM Ali Powell

I don’t have a real, solid answer. I just did it.

I saw a problem…

I saw an opportunity and I thought I could help.
So, I did something about it.

There are things that you can and cannot solve for in your own company in your job everyday. Guess what? That does NOT mean you can’t do something about it in general. If you think you can do something about a problem or lack of something in your work, you can do something about it in the world. No one is holding you back but yourself.


Most people just don’t act on their ideas. Most people would prefer to sit back and see if someone else fixes it or comes up with a solution. Because being a fixer of things Is hard work. And hard work is harder than just doing nothing about it.
Or they just don’t care enough. Or they are too scared to do something about it. They aren’t sure if the problem is enough… there are so many excuses.

Most people sit back because they aren’t sure how to fix it. They aren’t sure what to do to fix it. They aren’t sure if they can do it. They aren’t sure the problem they think the have a solution to is big enough problem to matter.

I am at a place in my life where I need to believe not just come up with ideas to problems I think I can solve for BUT also act on them, instead of just thinking about them.

Every idea I have had has turned into a startup. Literally every single one. (Not just saying that). Isn’t it insane if you keep doing something over and over again and don’t make changes to make it better? I have started to notice that these ideas that I have are becoming real companies, real things in our world. Why didn’t I do them then?

I will have an idea and one week later I see a company in a press release that some company has formed to solve the problem that I was just talking about the week before.

I have had enough. 
ENOUGH. Enough with my doubts. Enough of just thinking and not acting.

I am no longer going to sit back and not act on my ideas.

The people who start companies, the people who start movements… the people who fix big problems in our world are those who are courageous and crazy enough to try and fix them.

I have always been scared to try. I have always held myself back because I am not sure my idea is good enough or big enough to make a dent or be worth the effort.

Every idea starts small and grows from there. You won’t know unless you tried, right?
There are few people in this world who see a big problem or a big opportunity and jump on it to try and fix it.

I have not done anything spectacular. I did not create a company. I don’t have a startup. BUT moving forward if I think of something that I think can solve, if I see a little spark of light, if I notice a little community that could become someting bigger — I am going to act on it. I am not going to hold myself back from trying to fix things that matter and need fixing ANYMORE.

Recognizing a problem and acting on the problem are 2 different things. The thing that makes me different from the people who act on the ideas is that I come up with ideas but I question them, and then I don’t do anything with them. Then someone else does something with the idea. That is the difference between me and that person who starts a company out of a small idea to fix something that is broken or hard. I don’t want to be that person anymore.

They are courageous enough to try. Why aren’t I?

What the heck am I waiting for?

Everyday I come up with ideas. I come up with ideas on how to fix problems at work, in my personal life, etc. It is my choice to act on them or to just say yes, great idea but I don’t have time, or I don’t think the idea is big enough. We are always the ones who will talk ourselves down from doing something bigger with something that initially started small.

If you are a woman working in sales please join the women in sales community here. This is not a company, this is not a startup…this is just what it says it is — a community of like minded people who do the same thing for their job. We all work in sales and we are all women. We have those 2 things in common: so why not start a community to support each other?

It is not hard, it takes stepping up and doing something to start something. Taking a stance that this is important to me and that I think it is important enough to other women working in sales to create something more for us.

To some this kind of community might be a waste of my time and effort but to the people I am working to enable this community for it does matter. For the women who work in sales it is an outlet to help each other and learn from each other.

It takes one person, with one idea to make small change that can become big change in our world. It takes one little spark in a small group of like minded people to spark a fire to create a real community.

Join me- Women in Sales.

Be part of the conversation.

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