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5 Tips From the Annual Sales Kick Off Meeting to Get Your Sales People off to a Quick Start in 2014

Posted by Jan 10, 2014 10:47:00 AM Ali Powell

We had our annual sales kick off meeting yesterday. An annual sales kick off meeting happens for a couple reasons. You want to reward your top reps for a year well done and start to talk about intiaitives for the coming year. It is meant to jump start your organization and get your sales reps excited for the impact they might have on the company this year to come. Sales kick offs are always a great way to recap the year before and get your sales reps amped up for the year to come. It is a great way to remember what you did that year and it can help kick up your confidence right after the holidays. I use it as a way to kick me right into the new year with a quick start. 

Q1_sales_contestsQ1 can set a sales rep up up for a good or bad year. Q1 directly will impact the rest of the year for the whole company too. Here are 5 tips for getting your sales organization off to a quick start in Q1 for 2014. 

1. Assess what you do day to day. What are you doing when you are not actually in a meeting with a prospect or a customer?

  • When you are not on the phone doing a demo or doing a scheduled meeting you should be prospecting. 
  • People often ask me what I do differently than they do and I realized that I just spend my time doing my job. That's it. It is pretty simple...My job consists of taking meetings that are scheduled for me, doing exploratory calls, doing demos, doing follow up calls, etc. Just seeing if I can help a potential customer.  A lot of my day is scheduled out but when I am not in a scheduled meeting I am always looking for ways to get more meetings scheduled. That means that I have to PROSPECT.  I am prospecting, sourcing, doing research, etc. I am doing things that will lead me to get more leads into my name with good research so I can start to reach out to them and in turn get more "at bats" or more opps in my name that I can work. 

2. Set a daily goal, weekly goal, and monthly goal (outside of your company goals) as to how many meetings you want to set per day. This would be net new meetings that you have set yourself. 

  • When you go home at the end of the day or when you go to sleep at night. If you can't say that you worked hard in between your scheduled meetings that day to get more leads converted into opportunities then you should feel like you did not do your best.
  • If you do your best every day and at all parts of the sales process you will set yourself up for success. The reasons why people don't do well is because they sit around waiting for things to happen to them. Sales is a game and it is one that you have to PLAY IN. Pick up the phone and go help someone. 
  • The only way to do that is by picking up the phone, going on linkedin, etc. and prospecting. You have to do work to do well. The more effort you put in, the better you will likely do at your job. 

Sales_tips_101__pick_up_the_phone3. Figure out how many leads you should be working at one time and how many opportunities you should be working at one single time to be effective at your job.

  • There is no way that one person can work an inifinity number of leads or opps to the best of their ability. You will get stuck not knowing which leads are good, which opps are good, and then .... you will just sit there confused by your database. Set yourself up for optimal sales process by only working a smaller subset of leads and opps so you can work them harder and smarter. 
  • Do yourself a quick favor and figure out what the golden number is. Stick to it. Hold yourself accountable and make sure that you watch your numbers daily. If you are over your lead or opp numbers get them down. 
  • Work your accounts, leads and companies in a strategic way and deep way. That way this number will never get out of control and you will only have good records in your name to work. 

4. Figure out early on in the year what opps you have from last year that could still be good fits and when timing might be better so you can create an action calendar to go after them. 

  • Go through your opps and figure out which ones are ones that you should put time into. Make sure you do your research again to know what has changed at the company, re-read your notes and reach out to see if you can get the conversation going again.
  • I keep a list in an excel sheet that I update daily...it has months of the year listed out where I put opp records in there when I know they could potentially buy but the timing is not good for them right now. This helps me to reach out to people at the right times. It also helps me to stay organized outside of just setting up tasks in SFDC and setting up reminders in my calendar. Hold yourself accountable and remember what you are doing will pay off down the line- even they are not a good fit now they could be down the line. 

5. Work harder and smarter than ever in these first 3 months than any other time of the year. Work_smarter_not_harder_in_sales

  • Budgets have been set for the year and not every company locked up their end of year goals last month for 2014. Some companies thought they would but actually didn't get there on the time frame they wanted to.
  • You now have a chance to help them understand why what your company does can help them in the year to come. Talk about short term goals and longer term goals to assess how your company can help them to solve their problems with your product or service. 
  • Stay on top of press releases and news on company sites that you visit to understand what their accomplishments were last year and stay on top of what they are planning on doing this year. That will give you a reason/s to reach out to try to explain why you think you could help. 

What does your sales organization go over in your sales kick off meeting for the year? What are you going to try to do to get yourself off to a quick start this year? 

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