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What the Sales Rep Goes through Emotionally When a Prospect Tells them They are Going to Buy

Posted by Jun 5, 2014 9:30:00 AM Ali Powell

You first get really excited and jump up and down. You have made the sale! 
Then....You start to...
Feel like you are the last person in this line waiting for the order to come in...When will it come in? Should I call them again? Should I email them again to check if something happened?
You start to act like a complete physco and weirdo. You get so nervous that you cannot possbily stay at your desk any longer and wait to get the order in so you walk around, you get your mind off of it and then you... 
Call them again, email them again...and maybe some more until you get an answer... 
You feel like you are on a rollarcoaster ride and by the end of it you are like this...
Now you can relax....breathe...and get on to the next deal!!
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