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Why Linkedin Inmail is a Great Use of Your Time as a Sales Prospector

Posted by Jun 10, 2015 12:50:51 PM Ali Powell

Using Linkedin as a sales rep should be a requirement at your company. 

If you are a sales rep you have the luxury of spending your time the way you want to spend it. The luxury of being able to spend your time the way you want to get to your number can also be a hidden fault of yours. Since, we as sales reps have a number to hit we have the luxury of getting to that number in whatever way we see fit. 

If you look around your sales floor there might be some people who are always, always on the phone. There might be people who are really quiet and typing away but always hit their number. There are many ways to be a successful sales rep. You have to find the right mix for yourself. a54908e706f8d117d1bac5786ae80dd2-018445-edited.jpg

One of the easiest tools that a sales rep has in their arsenal of sales tools is Linkedin Inmail. 

LinkedIn inmail should be used in the sales prospecting process for your hot, good fit, researched leads. 

Sending an inmail to your leads and target accounts is just another touch point that you have to reach your contact. Add LinkedIn inmail as a part of your prospecting process. Log it in your CRM as well so you can show management how the results are working as you start to incorporate inmail into your process. 

Here is another great post by my colleague that you should read on How to be persistent in the sales process without being annoying...

We could all use a little guidance in that area from time to time. 

LinkedIn inmail is a another good way to not be annoying via phone or email like every other sales rep out there. 


 DOWNLOAD GUIDE: How to Use LinkedIn Inmail  to Increase Lead  to Opportunity Conversion

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