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Why Selling Ethically is the Key to Your Success as a Sales Rep - Lessons from the Real Wolf of Wall Street

Posted by Feb 4, 2015 10:10:24 AM Ali Powell

In sales you will have some really high highs and well, if we are being honest...some really low, lows. In sales you will make money, not make money, be successful and not be successful.


The one key to selling and doing a good job at selling is that you should do things the right way and do things ethically to achieve high rates of success in selling. 


Have you seen this movie before?



Well, would you like to see what the real Wolf of Wall Street has to say about what he learned from his times making money unethically and what he learned from those times (pre prison)?



It's funny to watch this guy talk because I have always felt this way about sales. I do my job and like selling because I get to help people who need help. I will only sell to people who need what I sell and I know that I can help them. Selling ethically is so important. Imagine if everyone in your competitive space actually sold to the right kinds of companies (ALL THE TIME) instead of some of the time. All companies in your competitive space would actually be happier, have higher returns and have happier more successful customers. 





Sell your products or services to people who need them. Sell them to people who you know are qualified to see results and see success from whatever you are selling them. Don't just sell to sell. 

A good sales person is one who knows when to sell something and when to step back. Be good and be ethical in your sales process and don't let greed get in the way EVER. Be a good person, do things right and you will do well on your own just by being a good person. 

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