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Why Women in Sales Need to Let Their Personalities Shine Through in the Sales Process

Posted by Jul 18, 2014 1:07:09 PM Ali Powell

I am not good at being anyone other than myself. I thought I wanted to be an actress when I grew up. I always tried to be in plays when I was younger. Would go to the try outs and would never get a part. I was always a back up dancer. I hated being in the back and I hated not having a main part in the plays. 1c1cd5dd-d0d1-41da-9f00-6eb155dc03dd

The cool thing about sales is that I don't have to act like anyone but myself. That is why I do well in sales. I found myself in sales I think because it was the only job that I ever came across that allowed me to be myself. Allowed me to fully be the person I am and not have to act or pretend I was someone I wasn't. 

I have a hard time not acting like me. 

I have noticed that when I start to act different on the phone as a sales person the other person on the end of the line can tell. I feel off. I feel strange and I know that day is not going to go well. When that happens I start to think to myself what the heck are you doing? Why are you being so weird? We all have off days but sometimes when I feel bad about myself or maybe not doing my best I start to act like a different version of myself. A stranger version that doesn't do as well with her prospects than the real me. On those days, I stop and go home. I know that when I am having an off day and acting like someone I am not for some reason I need a break from the grind. 

Be who you are and own it. If you try and act like someone you aren't or try to do something like one of your colleagues you will likely fail because your prospects will notice. They will notice that you are acting off and therefore your conversation will be funny and will be odd. You won't do your best. Recognize when you are having those off days or acting like someone you aren't. Think about it and get yourself back in line and back to your real you. 

Being a good sales person today takes more than just being intelligent and knowing the product that you are selling. It takes whit, it takes personality, it takes being a responsive person, and most importantly it takes being a real human being. 

Your job is a sales person but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be you in the process. Be the real you at all times. 

Here is a fun story about how I am always myself. I don't lie in my job. I don't pretend to be someone I am not. If a prospect doesn't like that then fine. But, I have never had a prospect acuse me of not being real. Typically what happens is they feel the realness and they respect that and therefore want to work with me more. They give me more respect and we have a common ground because of me being me. It also allows them to be them and allows for some fun in your job. 


One Friday afternoon around 5 PM I was just closing up a demo with a prospect. I kind of get a little bit strange on Friday afternoons. People start having beers, people start getting excited for the weekend, etc. Most people don't schedule demos for 5 PM on Friday afternoon. Well I did, because heck that is what time they wanted to have the call. 

So by the end of the call we just got to talking. They asked me if I liked the Red Sox because we are located in Boston. Just an FYI, I know NOTHING about sports. I can count on my hands the amount of times I have been to a sports event/game. 

Prospects ask me this all the time. Commonality. Well I don't have anything in common with sports but I am not going to pretend that I do. I am not going to say oh ya I love the Red Sox because I don't. I need to be myself because if I faked that I liked the Red Sox it would be clear I was lying.  Then they would start to think I was dumb and wouldn't trust me as well.

33880_697354638880_60788214_n-143233-editedInstead I said, no I know nothing about sports, don't follow it, don't know anything about anything about sports. 

He laughed. And then asked me what I liked....what my hobbies were then. 

Well I told him I like the color pink, I like ice cream, I like clothes, I like to sell software, I like shoes, handbags, I like sales, I like working out, I like hanging out with my boyfriend and friends. I told him I am just a typical girl. A girly girl.  I just kept going. I was real and I made them laugh. 

My colleagues were listening to me because no one else was on the phone at 5 on a Friday afternoon. 

They all started hip chatting me telling me I was crazy and laughing. They asked me how I can be so real with prospects all the time. I don't know, I don't know how to not be myself. It is easier for me to just be myself and if you don't get it or don't like it that's fine by me. But, at least I was myself and didn't try to be someone I wasn't. 

Be yourself in all aspects of your job. Because if you don't act like yourself your prospects will notice that you are being fake and being strange. They won't like you as much. Believe me being smart and being human are two completely different things. BUT, if you have both the brains and the ability to always act like a real person. The real person that you are you will shine compared to your colleagues who act fake and try to be someone they aren't. 

I bet the best sales reps at your company are the ones who are always real. 

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