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Why You Should Use Website Chat as a Lead Generation Source & a Promotion Path to BDR or SDR in Your Sales Org

Posted by Apr 14, 2015 9:23:00 PM Ali Powell

Inbound chat is really a wonderful way for people on your website to reach out to your company without having to pick up the phone. Make sure you have a chat option on the bottom of your site so when people are on your website they can chat in to someone quickly. Having chat on your site also enables someone from your company to ask that person a question like, "can I help you with anything?" or "do you have any questions about what you are reading." It is a great way to start the conversation with a potential prospect and put a human element to it. 

Website chat software is super valuable and actually really easy to setup. Picking the right website chat software is important but what is most important are the people you put behind the software and the chat. 

Inbound chat is a lead generation source for your company. At HubSpot we have a team called inbound call coordination. This consists of entry level employees who want to work their way up and into a sales position at HubSpot which is usually a BDR or SDR position (depending on what you call it at your organization). The inbound coordination team should consist of entry level employees who want to work their way up, learn the in's and out's of the early parts of the sales process. how to use website chat software as a lead generation source

The inbound coordination team will be responsible for manning  the inbound chat on your website, taking inbound phone calls, receiving  emails to the general email address for your company, etc. These people need to know how to assist the inbound request the right way and who to move these leads to in the sales organization. Make sure you open up the lines of communication between your sales reps on the floor and the inbound call coordination team. 


Here are a some tips for your sales organization if you are going to start leveraging an inbound coordination team as a lead gen channel and as a starting point for your sales career path at your company. 

  • Make sure the inbound reps know what makes a good lead and the kinds of questions to ask someone when talking to them on the phone or through website chat. 
  • These employees should be friendly, open, quick on their feet, think fast, and want to naturally help people. 
  • Explain to the inbound coordination team how to look people up on linkedin quickly so when someone calls in or chats in they know to do that at the same time as answering the call or chatting with someone. 
  • Integrate your webchat software with a marketing automation system like HubSpot so that you can gain lead intelligence on the people who chat in. 
  • Make sure your inbound coordination reps know how to use your CRM correctly so they can quickly look up records and know who to send the lead to. 
  • Enable your inbound chat or inbound coordination team with an easy way to get ahold of the right sales rep through things like HipChat or chat software for internal communication. 
  • Tell the inbound coordination team how the sales reps should be communicated with and what kinds of information the inbound team should ask when interacting with someone on the website chat or someone who calls in. Getting the right information to the sales rep in a timely manner is important and should be part of the inbound coodination team's responsibilities. 
  • There are easy tips that your sales reps can likely give your inbound coordination team just by opening up the lines of communication. Enable a dialogue between your sales reps and inbound coordination team so the two work seamlessly together. 
  • Empower the Inbound coordination team to think of their selves as a real lead generation source and a real value point for your sales team. Explain the value of what they do and make sure you talk about success stories on when a deal closes from the use of website chat for example. 

inbound coordination team as the entry point for sales PS- the little things are the things that your inbound coordination team might not know...Remember these are entry level people who are sponges and want to learn from you!!

Your sales team teaching the inbound coordination team as integral to their success and the success of this program.  As as sales rep you should be telling  the inbound coordination team your ideas and feedback when you communicate with them. I have personally seen that little things like telling the Inbound coordination team that asking for a real email address when chatting with someone is helpful for the sales rep. You as a sales rep might think that asking for a corporate email address instead of a gmail address is obvious but remember you didn't always know those things. Guess what sales reps, you had to learn the little things at some point in your career in sales as well. Make it easy on your inbound coordination and SDR/BDR program and teach them what you know. 

Make it easy on your inbound call coordination team to quickly learn and grow into a BDR or SDR position by exposing the things you would want to see from them on the job as a sales rep. 

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