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You Can Use the Chat Panel on Your Prospect's Website to Start the Sales Conversation

Posted by Jun 2, 2014 4:15:19 PM Ali Powell

As a sales person I have to keep myself sane. To keep myself sane I have to do strange things to get through to my prospects. If I do the same thing every day, day in and day out I will bore myself to death. I will become a bored sales rep who hates her job. 

The one way that I keep things interesting (to myself) and hopefully to my prospects that I am going after is by trying new and innovative ways to reach them. 

Today I was on a prospect's website and the chat panel started up...Hmm...I thought. What should I do with this. 


My brain started going and I got to work. 

A couple of things popped out to me when he said hello.

  • I saw what his name was and quickly searched it to make sure I knew who he was. This was a startup company and usually at a startup there are founders doing everything.
  • I had in my notes in SFDC everything about the company, the people working there and why I thought what we do could be timely...so I quickly scanned those notes again and put 2 and 2 together. He was the CEO.

Now how do I not be too strange that he won't want to talk to me? What if I said something too odd that would make him not respond? You have to be willing to try things and so I said...

"Hi X, Can you put me in touch with your marketing person? Or tell me who that person is because I didn't see them on your site or on linkedin." 

Then I said JUST KIDDING, I know you are the CEO. I think he liked that and he opened up because I was being human. 

I can almost imagine him sitting there responding thinking huh, interesting, this doesn't usually happen to me on here. I also responded saying that I know he maybe was disappointed that I wasn't a lead on the site but told him why I was reaching out quickly and asked if I could email him. how_to_convert_a_lead_into_an_opp

He gave me his email address and I gave him a taste of why I was reaching out. From there I shot him an email and logged all of this in SFDC. I saw that he has opened my email.

So not to be too creepy and jumpy at him, I am going to wait a little bit and if he doesn't get back to me I will call him. 

I don't have an appointment out of this reach out yet but I am pretty sure that it will now help me not feel too strange when I do call him. I can now call him and say that I was the one who chatted him on the chat panel that day. It gives me a way in that doesn't make me feel so off guard. At least he now knows why I was reaching out and so when he sees me on the site again or when I reach out again he will maybe feel more inclined to talk to me. 

That is because I acted like a human and didn't act salesy and strange. Remember you can't always convert a lead into an opportunity right away. Put yourself in their shoes. If you just found out about a company and someone just cold outreached to you for the first time wouldn't you want to do a little research and then respond...

Use the chat pane as a way in while you are prospecting. 

Have you ever used the chat panel on a prospect's website as a way to get a foot in? Would love to hear some odd ways that you get your foot in the door with your prospects. Leave comments below if you want! 

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