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1 Week in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Exposes Why Boston is Awesome for Women in Tech

Posted by Jun 9, 2015 9:52:35 PM Ali Powell

I spent the week in San Francisco last week.

I got in on Sunday and left the next Sunday. One whole week that felt like a month. I had lots of meetings, lots of time in restaurants, lots of time walking around and taking in the area.  In that week I spent the majority of my time in "Silicon Valley."

My territory at HubSpot consists of towns like Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, etc. This area is about an hour or so drive from SF. So I drove down from my hotel each morning to that area for the day, each day.  I spent Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday out in Silicon Valley in my territory. I iva1013coverstorymi60092-resize-600x338-621837-edited.jpgspent the last 3 days or so in San Francisco because we had a marketing event downtown for prospects and customers. 

It is clear there are A LOT of men in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

I always read about the lack of women in tech. But, I never have seen it myself up until last week. Everywhere I went I saw tons of men. From restaurants, to bars, to gas stations, to walking around a town, to offices, to office buildings, etc... there were a lot of men.

Where were all the women? 

At restaurants for lunch during the week I noticed all the men, young, old, all kinds of men. A lot of them looked like bros though. I guess the term "brogrammer" really comes to life when you head outside at lunch time out there. They came in packs and talked about their startups over lunch. I watched and took it all in. Still wondering where the women were...

There were not a lot of women. There were a couple but not like I see here in Boston. In Boston and Cambridge you don't walk into a restaurant in the tech area or a bar or an office and only see men. Nope, not ever. There is a good mix of women and men. We are lucky here in the Boston and Cambridge tech scene. siliconvalley15_23-carla-050737-edited.jpg

This week made it clear to me that being a woman in the Boston tech scene is awesome! We women here in tech are lucky to live here. We have the support of each other that I think might be lacking out west. 

I see women walking down the street in Lechmere, and Kendall Square which are the tech areas of Cambridge/Boston. I see women when I am downtown in the financial district of Boston. I did not see this in silicon valley. 

I should have taken pictures everywhere I went. There were men walking around in packs heading to lunch talking about their programming, etc. But the only women I saw were those I had booked meetings with ahead of time. These women were marketers at tech companies. 

Where are all the women hiding? 

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